Bulletins & Advisories Safety Recall Campaign- Multiplex Control Unit Replacement on 98/99/00YM

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    Honda issued the following TSB#HUK000000000028 dated 18-03-03 for all Accord Coupe [CG2] 3.0Lt V6 and 2.0L for model years 98/99/00YM.

    Honda Motor Company Ltd., have determined it necessary to conduct a product safety recall in order to rectify a potential concern with the multiplex control unit of certain Honda Accord Coupe models.

    The instrument panel lights may fail to work, and at night the driver may not be able to see the instrument panel gauges and displays.

    A transistor in the multiplex control unit that controls the instrument panel brightness may fail, due to heat build–up.

    The transistor circuit has been redesigned to be able to withstand higher temperatures.

    Application to Production Line

    Affected VIN Range
    1HGCG2***WA000001 - 1HGCG2***WA999999
    1HGCG2***XA000001 - 1HGCG2***XA999999
    1HGCG2***YA000001 - 1HGCG2***YA601323

    Corrective Action

    Replace the multiplex control unit using the repair kit detailed in Parts Information.

    Market Treatment

    Centre punch a mark above the 16th character of the VIN on both the bulkhead, and VIN plate as shown below:
    • 1HGCG2250YAxxxxxx

    Repair Method
    Replace the driver side multiplex control unit. Refer to page 23-B-7 in the Accord Coupe Shop Manual.
    1. Note the radio security code.
    2. Disconnect positive and negative battery cables and wait 3 minutes.
    3. Remove driver side under dash fuse box.
    4. Remove and replace multiplex control unit.
    5. Reassemble the fuse box
    6. Reconnect the battery.
    7. Reprogram the radio security code.

    Parts Information
    Multiplex control unit:
    38800-S82-G31 (98/99 YM)
    38800-S82-G32 (00 YM)

    Sample Questions and Answers


    Q. Are all Accord models affected by this recall?
    A. No, only the Accord Coupe 2.0 and 3.0Lt models are fitted with this type of component.

    Q. What are the symptoms I will notice?
    A. The instrument panel illumination may fail to operate. This will make reading the gauges and displays, such as the speedometer very difficult if driving at nighttime.

    Q. Am I able to continue driving my vehicle?
    A. It is strongly recommended that you contact your Honda dealer immediately. The possibility of this occurring is very small, but if it does occur while driving at night time it may cause driver disorientation.

    Q. What is the cause of this condition?
    A. Repeated heating and cooling of the transistor in the instrument panel brightness control unit can cause the transistor to crack and interrupt the electrical supply.

    Q. Could this problem cause a fire?
    A. There is no risk of fire, if the transistor does crack the electrical circuit is cut and all current is stopped. In addition to this factor the plastic moulding is made of a non-flammable material and will melt rather than catch fire.

    Q. I refuse to drive my vehicle until it is repaired.
    A. We appreciate your concern and will make arrangements to repair your vehicle at the earliest opportunity. The repair can be completed within the day, subject to existing workshop bookings.

    Q. I have lost all faith in my car, I want you to take it back.
    A. Whilst the necessity to conduct this recall is regrettable and only a small number of cases have been reported in Europe Honda is taking a responsible view in the interests of reducing customer inconvenience. By replacing components with ones that will overcome this issue and therefore eliminate the possibility of the instrument panel illumination failing.

    Q. If you cannot replace the parts straight away, can I have a loan car immediately as I refuse to drive my vehicle?
    A. Honda (UK) and the Honda dealer network will make every effort to repair your vehicle as speedily as possible. Parts supply has been secured to re-work all affected vehicles and we have courtesy cars available should repairs be delayed for any other reason.