Bulletins & Advisories Safety Recall: Clutch Switch Failure Detection (Software Issue)

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    Honda have announced today the safety recall for the 9th Generation Civic (FK3) with the I-DTEC engine featuring the keyless start system. This is to rectify a potential issue with the ECU detection of a defective clutch pedal switch. There are only a couple of hindered Civics affected by this in the UK and Honda is currently writing to them to get the car booked in.

    The Symptoms
    On the diesel Civic equipped with the one push or keyless start function,the clutch switches are monitored to check they are functioning correctly.This monitoring function is not sufficient to detect a switch malfunction in all cases. If the clutch switch fails and is not detected correctly, it may be possible to start the car in gear without the clutch being depressed.

    The Cause
    The ECU logic to detect a faulty clutch switch is not sufficient in every circumstance and therefore a faulty clutch switch may not be detected in every case.

    The Fix
    The ECU software has been changed for better clutch pedal position readings and detection, please get you car booked into the nearest Honda dealer the software updates will take an hour appropriately.

    Not all FK3 VIN numbers are affected please consult you Honda dealer.The location of the VIN plate on the FK3 is on the offside B Pillar, once the work has been carried out the dealer will punch the VIN plate to denote the work has been done.
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    A mate of mine Phil has had this update applied to his Civic and it took them 45 minutes to upload the software he hasn't seen any difference but it only at certain conditions so we will have to take Honda word on this.