Bulletins & Advisories Safety Recall: Fuel Strainer Failure on BE5 i-CTDi

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    FR-V Owners
    Chassis code: BE5
    Production year: 2006

    Please note ONLY this chassis code for this one year of production is affected, always consult your local dealer to confirm and check the work has been carried out or look up on Recalls And Updates | Honda Owners | Cars | Honda (UK)

    The Symptoms
    Hesitation and stalling followed by the MIL coming on because of low fuel pressure.

    The Cause
    Air is separated from the fuel in the strainer and forms an air bubble in the top of the strainer. Under certain conditions this air bubble can be sucked into the high pressure pump, leading to intermittent fuel supply to the engine.

    The Fix
    A spacer has been added to the strainer which reduces air build up.

    Please consult you nearest dealer for any further information.

    Please note this only affects KE zone FR-V that is only UK models none of the other European zone FR-V diesels are affected.