Bulletins & Advisories Safety Recall : VSA Brake System Performance - VSA Modulator PSV Valve

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    Honda have issued the following TSB # SQ-07-002-00 for these models.


    Under certain circumstances the driver may notice a reduction in the performance of the VSA / ABS Modulator functions.
    In addition, the City Brake Active system (CTBA) may not decelerate the vehicle sufficiently to achieve Honda’s internal requirement, although the system still operates within regulatory requirements. Normal brake function is not affected.

    During the manufacturing of the VSA / ABS modulator, a tool used to form one of the suction valves was incorrectly machined. This resulted in small pieces of valve material remaining in the suction valve after the assembly of the valve into the modulator. Depending on the size of the valve material, one of the one-way check valves in the modulator may be kept open. If the check valve does not operate correctly, the anti lock braking will not operate correctly resulting in possible wheel lock under anti lock brake operation.

    The VSA modulator supplier's manufacturing process has been modified and improved to ensure there is no contamination from the suction valve machining process.

    Application to Production Line
    SHHFK1***FU007931 Civic 5 Door 1.4 Petrol
    SHHFK2***FU016739 Civic 5 Door 1.8 Petrol
    SHHFK3***FU611631 Civic 5 Door 1.6 Diesel
    SHHFK2***FU704656 Civic 5 Door 2.0 Petrol
    SHHFK2***FU505977 Civic Tourer 1.8 Petrol
    SHHFK3***FU704977 Civic Tourer 1.6 Diesel

    Affected VIN Range
    SHHFK1***FU007361 - SHHFK1***FU007930
    SHHFK2***FU016098 - SHHFK2***FU016738
    SHHFK3***FU611321 - SHHFK3***FU611630
    SHHFK2***FU703405 - SHHFK2***FU704655
    SHHFK2***FU505441 - SHHFK2***FU505976
    SHHFK3***FU703911 - SHHFK3***FU704976
    Not all vehicles are affected, refer to the dealers for up to date list.

    Market Treatment
    Honda UK will write to owners of affected vehicles to invite them to make an appointment at their preferred Honda dealer to have a repair carried out as instructed in this bulletin.

    Parts Information
    <Part Number> <Part Name>
    08203-99938HE BRAKE FLUID, DOT 4, 0.5L
    57100-TA9-F01 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TA9-F11 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TB8-E11 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TB8-E31 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TB8-G11 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TB8-G31 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TB9-G11 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TB9-G31 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV0-F01 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV0-F11 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV1-F01 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV1-F11 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV1-F31 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV1-F41 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV8-F04 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
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