Bulletins & Advisories Safety Recall : VSA Brake System Performance - VSA Modulator Valve Internal Leakage

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    Honda have released the following safety recall for the following chassis code for Civic. The TSB is dated 22-07-2016 TSB#SQ-07-001-00
    Under certain circumstances the driver may notice a reduction in the performance of the VSA Modulator functions. Although there is no loss of brake function, the vehicle stability assist system may not react as designed and in some driving circumstances, there is a possibility for a skid to occur and result in loss of control.

    During the manufacturing of the VSA / ABS modulator, insertion of a plastic filter into the modulator was misaligned, causing damage to the plastic filter which resulted in a small piece of the broken filter entering the modulator. Depending on the size of the broken piece, one of the one-way check valves in the modulator may be kept open which could lead to reduced VSA performance.

    The VSA modulator supplier's manufacturing process has been modified and improved to correctly install the filter and therefore eliminate any contamination.

    Application to Production Line

    Market Treatment
    Honda UK will write to owners of affected vehicles and invite them to make an appointment at their preferred Honda dealer to have a repair carried out as instructed in this bulletin.

    Repair Method
    Replace the VSA modulator according to work shop manual information.

    Note: Petrol and Diesel models have different repair methods.

    Parts Information
    <Part Number> <Part Name>
    57100-TV0-F01 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV0-F11 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV1-F01 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV1-F11 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TV1-F41 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TA9-F01 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    57100-TA9-F11 MODULATOR ASSY., VSA
    08203-99938HE BRAKE FLUID, DOT 4, One 0.5 litre of brake fluid is sufficient quantity to replace one Modulator Assembly.
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