Civic/6th Gen Sams K20 EJ6 Coupe

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    Potato  :whistle:

    Well done though  :clap:
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    Phones is knackered! 

    Tah  :Grin:
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    Mechanics is my day job mate! Having 24 hour access to a fully equipped workshop is a blessing, makes life 100x easier. 
    I dare say a K swap is as easy as a B swap in all honesty, its just more costly. Im DYING to drive it now!
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    We're getting there. I got given a Tegiwa S2000 alloy radiator with the engine back in October so I've been looking at how it could work out. 

    I think I can make it happen. The upper outlet meets the OEM K series hose perfectly, but the lower one is on the wrong side. A cut B series lower hose would do the job perfectly, BUT I think I'll be taking it across to the fabricators tomorrow and asking them to re-weld the outlet on the correct side and allow me to use the OEM K series lower rad hose too. I've aimed for this build to be as OEM as I can to retain its Honda reliability. Got a clutch line made up (barely visable) using the original clutch line flexi pipe. Flexi out of the brakcet, flipped round the opposite way so it aims towards the gearbox side, new pipe from clutch master cylinder to flexi, new pipe from flexi to slave cylinder. 

    The induction set up is made up of an AEM coupling, a butchered B series AEM long arm (given to me for nothing with the car, and already cut), the OEM rubber intake pipe and an old filter I had from my B swap. Fits nicely, serves a purpose and cost :tut: all!


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    I suppose that if you have a shop with all the tools it would move quicker. Many jealous points for me!
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    It helps immensely, as does having access to parts from the motor factors at trade, if not lower price! 

    iPhone should be returned with me imminently so I can get some quality images of the car as a whole... its really starting to look the part now.
    Recaros in tomorrow night, going to get the wiring tidied up at the same time and re-fit the column surround. Not sure if I can be bothered to remove the original dash and fit my "half" VTI black dash? No glovebox, lower center console etc... as it was intended for the EK4 as a track only beast. Not 100% if Im aiming to retain some comfort yet and make it dailyable but thats what the green ones there for... 

    Slow to no progress over the next 3 weeks or so with it being Christmas etc. Hopefully back end of January will allow me to take it out for a spin..
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    Quality pics is what we need WANT over here! Get them up ASAP!  :whistle:
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    Think im getting my old rear hubswap back too as the buyer has backed out. Will allow me to convert back to 4x100 to run the fan blades for a short while until I find some 4x114.3 wheels when money frees up. Got 282mm 4x100 fronts on the EJ9 so its not too much of a pain to revert that back to either 262s or 242s. 

    I may have ALSO found somewhere to hide the EK4 away for a rainy day... watch this space! 
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    koupe. koupe1. koupe2. koupe3. koupe4. koupe5.
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    Pic heavy..

    Been a long time since I've been on here.... lots has been happening!
    Pictures will do the talking. Track all the way now! No daily duties.

    bits. kaaz. 24mmarb. tiltonbias2. interior2. tiltonbias. spoon diff. greycover. interior.
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    I'm sure this is fun to drive! Very nice car:Smile:
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    Ah this car was cool.. the new one is even better :Grin: