Electrical & Lights Sat Nav reverse camera problems

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    This is a first post, but my previously problem free 8th generation diesel Tourer (2009) has developed a peculiar problem - The Audio screen, sat nav brightness, reverse camera and clock don't appear as they should. The clock for example shows the time since I last disconnected the battery. If you go into the 'MENU', 'MAP' and 'CANCEL' for five seconds and go through the menus it shows all these items as being 'NC'.
    I tried disconnecting the battery for a while and reconnecting it, and that worked for a while, but no longer. I have looked at as many connectors as I can, had the rear load floor up and disconnected and reconnected the unit multi-plugs to the sat nav DVD and the aluminium box next to it, but to no avail.
    I still suspect a connector somewhere, but I am hoping that it is not going to be something expensive.
    Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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    That all sounds rather bizarre !

    I can't think of what would cause this, circuit failure or MICU failure perhaps ?

    Any 8th Generation owners or @Staff or @Beefy have any ideas what this could be ?
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    I've only had mine a short while and not seen anything like this. I will have to have a look in the morning.
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    if the status is coming up as NG that's is Not Good we need to get the car scanned to see if any DTC are on the ECU first to see if there is subsystem error or failure.
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    Me again - you aren't going to believe this but I went to move the car today and all was normal - all faults 'gone'. I can only assume that as the car was parked in the hot sun a connector or a dry joint on a circuit board made contact again. Weird
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    if you go into the diag menu again and carryout a systems test, all the sub systems are checked and there separated into boxes that turn green or red depending if there is a fault or not. you can pull up any software and hardware error codes stored via the same menu. unfortunately there is not much to be checked using the HDS, its all via the satnav unit itself. but generally the only thing that plagues the 8th Generation satnav system is errors within the dvd drive in the boot. I've seen multiple disc read errors requiring a new lazer unit and recently a dead short within the dvd unit requiring its complete replacement.
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    Like someone said - weird. Anyway thanks for the suggestions - it worked fine whilst I was away in Kent for a few days, but threw a hissy fit on the back.