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    Honda has launched of a direct mail marketing campaign to encourage sales of Honda navigation system mapping updates, which is due to land with customers on Wednesday 24th June 2015. This update will be personalised with name & address and will be sent only to the registered keeper of vehicles, that purchased an applicable navigation system as standard fitment or had it fitted at PDI. Vehicles registered between January 2009 and July 2014 were selected, which resulted in a total number of over 51 000 vehicle owners being contacted as part of the campaign, through email and direct mail.

    HONDA APF Voice Recognition (Alpine) Europe 2015 Edition 08A42-1J6-070
    HONDA AN HDD V3 (Alpine) Europe 2015 Edition 08A42 -1R6 -300
    HONDA AN HDD V3 (Alpine) Europe 2015 Edition 08A42 -1R6 -200
    HONDA F781 (NVR-Non Voice Recognition) 08A42 -1D6 -030
    HONDA DOP SD (Clarion) Europe 2015 Edition 08A42-2P6-010
    HONDA AN HDD V3 (Alpine) Europe 2015 Edition 08A42 -1R6 -120


    To complement the marketing campaign, we have put in place a discounted retail price of £ 145 (incl. VAT), across all updates included in the in the campaign, reduced from the regular price of £170. The discounted pricing will remain valid until 14th August 2015.

    The mailshot


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    Has anyone on HK taken up this offer?