Saturday can go f*ck itself

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    So thought today was going to be a good saturday

    Suns out, nice coast road drive to go remap a car, remap goes well customer over the moon, singing to myself on way back the lot

    About a mile away from home motorbike full on up my :thumbdown:, narrow road i pulled over best i could but he couldn't over take due to traffic, so i thought id have a play with him off the round about up the dual carridgeway, afterall hes got something to prove right....? So i nailed it in second chrunched third (as if something was wrong looking back on it) gingerly changed to forth and backed off

    Feels like my clutch friction disc has just shat itself, couldn't select a gear at speed (just grinded) but selects gears fine at idle and low speed, REALLY juddery when pulling away off with the box next saturday as i don't have time otherwise

    Good day just gone all to :thumbdown:
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    I've only just started drivng the car again due to it being off road for best part of 6 months (was having some rust repaired on the sill but had such little time to do it)

    Anyone know where i can buy a decent stage 2 / 3 clutch friction disc?

    This XTD piece of shite if only around 5-6k old, i have a exedy pressure plate in garage and also another new uprated pressure plate too, so could get away with repacing the disc only

    Just hope it hasnt ruined my fidanza flywheel surface
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    yeh tbh I've used a few different clutches, i drove a XTD stage 3 and it was really nice, decided to go for a stage 4 paddle and hated it

    then changed for the stage 3 and thats what just shat itself

    im trying not to buy a whole kit, otherwise ill end up spending £300 on a CC or ACT setup etc as you've described
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    thats good to hear, ill have a look to see if theres a uk stockist!

    i like the look of their stage 3 non paddle disc
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    Heres why not to buy an XTD clutch

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    That does look pretty disappointing!
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    it is yes, obviously emailed XTD clutches UK asking if i could obtain a replacement disc ASAP and i got a reply 36hours later with them rattling on about their warrenty (i never mentioned it) and eventually stating that a replacement disc can be had for £49

    no mention to what disc which was obviously a key factor, useless bunch of f*ckers

    Competition Clutches UK sorted me out with a stage 3


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    I wonder how the car will drive with this... Comment on how it bites and all that when you can please!
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    obviously i havent done many miles yet (and too add complication to the review I also finally got round to swapping out my OEM polybushed mount for my innovate 60A one)

    So....theres a little judder when pulling away which i am hoping will go when its bedded in properly, if you have the revs a little higher then it doesnt judder

    but it bites alot better than a organic clutch, not as harsh as my paddle clutch (which i literally changed after 1500miles)

    so i can't say that the clutch is noisier or makes things vibrate etc as i think its down to the mount (i love the way the car sounds now when i start, sounds like a race car starting up)
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    Too many opinions and choices!

    As for juddering it is definitely the mount... Remember that when I filled my OEM mounts with 80A poly the car was launching and juddering and making all sorts of vibrations... Most people probably wouldn't like that on a daily but I absolutely loved it  :Wink:
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    what was wrong with them to render them faulty at 0 miles and then again at 72 miles?

    the parts i received looked great and atm feel great

    i already had the 2 side innovate 60A mounts fitted, and the rear one was polybushed but OEM casing. The innovate mount seems to have made a big difference and if it is that causing the juddering ill prob fit new 40A inserts lol
  12. First one the bite was at the end of the peddle up top no good and even CC said no that's not right. Sent me a second one and its was only slightly better still right up top bite and then they said to me oh you got to put a long bolt at the back of the clutch peddle so you don't push it down all the way, I'm like wtf you talking about! No that is not right at all. In the end i got a refund for the second clutch kit and won't be using CC ever again :like:  
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    hmm, this one aint like that

    its better for changing gear than the XTD 100%

    I've only done 130odd miles on it so far (will be 400 odd by tuesday) the only thing i don't like much is that innovate mount lol

    makes pulling away a little shuddery sometimes