Accord/7th Gen SayamaAccord's 7th Generation 2.4 Tourer - The servicing story so far

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  1. 2006 facelift car, 2.4 EX 6 speed manual, arctic blue with beige leather, ex-main dealer trade-in, bought last July from an independent near me with 72000 miles on the clock.

    honda 1.

    It had been serviced at 12500 mile intervals, 3 times by Honda, and twice by reputable independents.

    It needed a bit of TLC though.

    The engine oil was 10000 miles old and the engine had a Blueprint oil filter on it. I did the oil change using Exol 0W 30 bought from Lubetechshop and a Honda Hamp filter. I'll be using OEM Honda filters part no. 15400-RBA-F01 from now on and doing a change every 4-4.5k.

    The gearbox oil looked like it had never been changed because what came out looked thin and nasty with an unhealthy blue tinge on top. I replaced it with 2 litres of Castrol SMX-S manual transmission fluid, now re-branded Castrol Systrans Multivehicle 75W 90. I know Honda MTFIII is recommended but I've been using Castrol since the days when Honda main dealers were mostly using motor oil in gearboxes and if you wanted Honda MTF you had to travel halfway across the north of England with your own can! So because of that I used motor oil myself for a while in my old 6th Generation but got some nasty crunching sounds on the motorway until I started using manual transmission fluid and then the crunches all disappeared. Castrol were there to help in those days so I've stuck with them since. I'll change it every 2 years.

    The engine had Bosch platinum plugs in so I changed them for 4 x NGK iridiums IZFR6K-11, next change in 50k miles.

    The old air filter was a Blueprint one so I changed it for a Honda OEM filter part no. 17220-RAA-A01, to be changed every 12.5k miles.

    The old pollen filter was an OEM Honda filter 80292-SDC-505HE so I assume the two independents had not done it and it had been in there a while. The old one looked very black when I replaced it with another Honda OEM one. This will be done every 12 months from now on because I think a few quid is worth it to protect your lungs from the nasties in the air nowadays.

    The fuel filter is a Honda dealer only part 16010-SED-003. I've done a separate How To & DIY on changing this. Next change will be 50K or 4 years whichever comes first.

    Honda say change the coolant every 10 years although the USA Acura TSX sites say to do it every 5 years so to be on the safe side I did the change. I used 6 litres of Honda OEM Type 2 Coolant - the stuff that says Pro Honda on the label. This allowed a bit over for topping up. I also used a new radiator drain plug o-ring as I've found in the past that these leak if you don't change them when replacing the antifreeze.

    The old brake fluid didn't look so clever when it came out compared to the new amber coloured fluid that went in to replace it.

    brake fluid 1.

    I replaced it with 2 litres of Castrol Response Super DOT 4, now rebranded as Castrol React Performance DOT 4, which has a very good spec. dry and wet boiling point-wise, is reasonably priced, and comes in 1 litre bottles. Honda brake fluid comes in 250ml bottles so you will need a few of them if you go OEM. It took the best part of 2 litres to give it a complete flush out. I'll change the brake fluid every 2 years.

    The clutch fluid was mucky as well. I changed it for a litre of Comma DOT 5.1.

    The valve clearances were out of spec. so I adjusted them. Again I have done a separate How To & DIY on this.

    The above part numbers only apply to my 2.4 petrol. I think most if not all the parts are the same for the 2.0 but you would need to check. For the diesel however nearly everything is different.

    The car had no spare wheel, just half the Honda re-inflation kit but with the pump missing, so as I am running on 16 inch wheels for better ride quality I bought a second-hand 16 inch alloy and tyre from a breaker rather than going for a space saver. Having a full sized spare has saved my bacon more than once in the past and I'm sure it will do again.

    I took the car to my local main dealer, Springfield Honda, for an aircon recharge, but they said it was fully charged, so they didn't do the job, and they didn't charge me either, which is the sort of thing you don't see very often in this day and age unfortunately.

    My micrometer tells me the front brake discs are at their minimum service width so I will change the front discs and pads next Spring using Honda OEM parts. I'm doing the rear discs and pads as well using OEM replacements as corrosion is getting the better of the rear discs. I've used aftermarket brake parts in the past but then had to scrape the corrosion off every spring to stop the grinding noises I was getting, so decided it wasn't worth that sort of aggravation again just to save a few squid. Life's too short.

    The front lower arm compliance bushes are starting to go, and one of the shock absorber bushes in the same arm has a small split in, so these will be seen to next year. I'll have a go at removing the arms myself and take them to a garage to press the old bushes out and the new ones in, but if I can't manage it then the car will go to a garage for the entire job. New Honda OEM arms are £220 each but replacing all 3 bushes in both arms costs £100 all in for the 6 bushes plus about an hour's labour as kindly confirmed by Adam from Holdcroft Honda so that's the way I think I'll go. I'll probably change the front anti roll bar drop links as well because they need to come half off anyway to remove the lower arm, and after 6 years and 75000 miles they can't have that long to go I suspect judging by other 7th Generation owners experiences. Honda charge £100 for two links but it seems from what I have read that often aftermarket links don't fit the tourer, and often unlike Honda the aftermarket specify the same link for the saloon and the tourer (!), so I'd rather just pay up and avoid that sort of hassle. Better quality aftermarket links I have seen aren't that far shy of £50 each anyway. I'd love to be able to just replace the entire arm rather than messing about, but £440 is too much, and again Honda specify different part no.s for saloon arms than for the tourer but the aftermarket suppliers don't.

    Apart from all that I still need to decide whether to update the 2005-6 Satnav disc to the current version or put up with the occasional drive over fields where new roads are now built!!, and whether to buy a new clutch master cylinder for £144 and fit it one fine summer Saturday next year, or to just live with the occasional clutch squeak the current one makes.
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    Very nice car and very well looked after.I wish i know how to do all that myself but i am a bit useless when it come to spanners.:Grin:
  3. Thanks mate much appreciated...let me know if you fancy a swap lol. :Wink:
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    Lovely car big cliff :cool:
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    Brilliant write up Cliff!