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    I have a handful of old car batteries that I've taken off vehicles over the years, all of them are dead now and won't take a charge as they have been stored for so long. The one battery that used to be good is now dead, which was bought in Dec '04 and I used to use to charge my radio controlled car stuff from.

    Anyone know if they are worth taking to the scrapyard to get a few quid for the lead in them or taking them down to the council tip?
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    Garages collect used car batteries and sell them to people that come round every so often for a fiver per battery. I'm not sure how you would go about finding these people though.
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  3. Zebster Guest

    I have some guys in a pick-up truck regularly coming round our little 'farm' wanting to collect scrap metal... They usually make quite fair offers for the stuff I give them. I once asked them where they were from, but they were a bit vague!
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    My old man takes his to the scrap yard an usually gets a fiver or so for them.
    If you're not bothered about the money the local council tip will take them.
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    Didn't even know they would be worth anything! I dumped my old one in the council recycling center.
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    I have 4 of them, so at a fiver each that's twenty quid better off in my back pocket than the council's
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    Well it turns out that batteries are worth bugger all for scrap here at the moment, 2 quid each. Still that's better in my pocket than the council's