Body, Paint & Styling Scratches appearing in paintwork

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    Having bought my black Accord EX some 4 months back, I am finding that the more I clean it the more scratches and minute stone chips are showing their face. I'm puzzled as they weren't obvious when I looked at the car. A lot on the bonnet came to light when I polished the car with turtle wax a week after purchase from a Honda main dealer. My question is this: Is there a product that dealers can use to mask these marks, what is it called and if there is such a thing is it a commonly used practice?

    Any info will be gratefully received.
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Black colour is the worst for scratches, ,chips etc.
    You can buy touch up paint from Honda to tackle chips, as for scratches that is usually from car washes or bsd washing techniques.
    You could machine polish it to get rid of scratches and then be careful where and how you wash it.
    Mine was scratched really bad but since Wayne polished it for me and explained to me how to properly clean it si far is looking good.
    See here
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    Hi Bog, yes there is a product that the trade use and it masks minor imperfections up well. Forget the name but this happened to a colleague of mine at work and his Volvo. He initially tried to blame the car washers he used but I told him its more likely the wax wearing off when sold.

    But also try to use 2 sponges and never mix - one for wheels etc one for bodywork. It's very frustrating I know, I have been there!
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    Thanks for that Zoran & Plasma.

    Whatever product was used it certainly masked the mass of chips and scratches when I bought the car. I need to know what the product is before I have a go at the dealers for deliberately hiding the true condition of the bodywork, as feel sure they will deny they have done any such thing.

    Zoran, your car looks super, Wayne did a fine job.