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    Hi there

    Looking to buy our second Honda and wondered if anyone had had any dealings with the above company? As they are over 200 miles away from us, I can't check them out too easily, so would appreciate any help from any one who knows them.
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    Hi @garf8v, around one and a half years ago I was travelling from Brigg to Leeds when the DPF warning light came on and the car went into limp mode. The nearest Honda garage was Baden Powell Honda. I arrived there at 4.40 approx. due to the time the workshop couldn't do a regen but the service manager arranged, via HUK customer service, for the AA to take me, my wife and car to Leeds which is not part of the AA assistance provided by Honda when already at a Honda dealership. Two sales staff said they would wait until the tow truck arrived and even offered to take us to a pub for some food. The truck arrived but was not a flatbed which was needed due to the car being AWD. This resulted in a further delay. The sales staff then offered to drive us to Leeds and the other staff member would wait at the garage for the flatbed. The time they waited with me and my wife was way beyond the call of duty! I can't fault the sales and service staff and also can't praise them enough. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the technicians as I had no dealing with them.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you very much everyone. Sadly they sold the car before I could travel, but they have put me on their contact list now.
    Very helpful and patient on the phone when I called them(several times ! )
    Thanks again, so glad I joined up!
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