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    hello everybody, i have a prob i can't solve so am throwing myself to the wider world.. my 1991 2.0 saloon drivers side and rear passenger offside female belt buckle has dicided to dissintergrate on me. have trawled the net and breakers but everyone i find seem to be different. i'm assured that in 1991 this belt would have been made for many different makes of car, ie toyota etc but can't track down anything yet. or does anyone have one they are breaking ? any help or advise would be greatfully recieved, Thanks Brian PS this car is an import
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    Can you post a picture of this belt need to see if it was factory fitted or fitted at PDI. they were slightly different.

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    thanks for such a quick reply but am at work and have not got phone lead with, can do it monday. will try to put some photos in profile also. she is a lovely car and want to keep her going, so reliable. thanks again Brian
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    Sweet was your car a JDM import ? the import one suffered cracking as they were in a hotter country.

    EDIT just read it is an import that means it will have a Jap spec belt holder..
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    ok thanks, what does JDM mean, sorry to be so thick
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    JDM-Japanese domestic market.Is your car import from Japan?
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    Yes. She was bought by my mate when he was working in Qatar shipped from Japan then 2 years later to uk
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    I would just change everything to UK ones, the belts and the buckles.
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    I tend to agree with Dave just change them all would be easier
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    this is the offending article, i,ve been to all the scrap yards and every honda has a different shaps male, thanks for everybody,s advise, yes i would agree that to change the whole thing would be the most sensible approach but was nievley thinking getting a female clip wouldn't be a problem, silly me
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