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    I have an unusual and annoying problem, it's not the car itself, but when I put the granddaughter's child seat in the back, it's very difficult to plug the seatbelt in due to the fact that the socket is the strap type and not a solid stalk type. It would be easier if the socket was further out. So I've looked on Ebay and there are indeed short strap seatbelt extensions available with the buckle on one end and the socket on the other, I know that the sockets and buckle vary from makes of cars and even between the outside and centre rear seat belts. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of what is compatible with my tourer.
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    It is annoying I had the similar issue with removable child seat and the faffing around with seat socket, until I fitted the ISO fix seat which basically meant the seat belt is always plugged in once the seat is installed and ISO attached.
    Once the daughter got into the ISO seat put the three point harness on and you are done simple and super safe, when she grew out of the ISO onto a booster chair she did her own seat belt.
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    If you do get one, please post up some pictures so that it can help others in the future.