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    Hi all, I have a 2007 Legend, does anyone know a way to switch off the annoying reminder alarm to wear your seat belt. I never forget to wear it and the reminder drives me mad.
    Also I live in a narrow lane and the front parking sensors sound continuously every time I drive home, any way of switching these off?
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    Can a Legend owner answer this one please?
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    I would not condone not wearing a seat belt!!

    IMHO I think it would be easier to wear the seatbelt than disable the warning :Thumbup:

    However I am sure there must be some relay or switch under the seat that you could use to tinker about with this alarm if one wanted to pursue such a dangerous activity (you can tell I'm one of those who is even scared of starting up the car without wearing my seat belt)

    With regards to parking sensors, in afraid there is no way to turn off. I know in the CR-V, and also in the facelift KB1/kb2 you have a switch to turn on and off. I know someone who is actually selling these sensors for a legend.... Still considering whether worth the expense.

    In any case I actually use the sensors to help me manoeuvre tight spaces and narrow lanes. Have found them very useful for this to make sure I don't rip the bumpers off!

    Sorry I can't be more help but I'm sure some one will know.
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    Regarding the seat belt reminder, I don't think it is easily disabled. Perhaps if you get in the habit of putting the belt on first just before switching on the ignition, then you don't get the silly beeping noise.:Smile:
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    Thanks all for your help. Old habits die hard, I always put my key in the ignition as soon as I get in the car, that way I won't drop it as I'm reaching for the seat belt (which I always wear). All other cars I've driven with parking sensors allow you to switch them off, they are a boon when parking in a tight spot but a PITA at other times. Other than these niggles which may be unique to me I can't fault the car in any way.
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    I don't know what the consequences are if you disable the reminder but we all know the possible consequences of not wearing a seat belt in the event of a collision. I know it can be annoying but it is there to help you

    Also below taken from Disable seatbelt chime - AcuraZine Community
    You may not know the subsequent consequences of disabling it , on the SRS system

    Acura uses two stage air bags, only one charge goes off if you don't have your seatbelt on or the seat is too close to the wheel. Two charges go off if the system thinks you are belted up or sitting farther back

    Some things to consider and to think about I suppose
    - - - Updated - - -
    Quick search came up with this

    finallly...how to shut off seat belt warning chime w/o rewiring anything!! - Honda-Tech

    don't DO THIS.

    If you know how honda's Advanced air bag system works. Its way different than older systems....it recognizes weight , seat position , seatbelt and accident severity to adjust how long and how hard the air bag comes out.

    Seatbelt on , the airbag will come out differently.....seatbelt on the airbag will come out faster....

    So your putting your life at even more risk. Do not do this. This is why im scared to ever put an aftermarket seatin the car as the seats have weight sensors in the rails.

    don't eff around with this , just put the thing on and enjoy your life.
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    Mine pings three times after engine and then the light just flashes.

    If you still don't fasten when you drive off a polite admonishment from the nice lady and an iMID warning is what you get.

    Unless there's some MY-related difference, I cannot really see it's that annoying. And I thought I was permanently irritable and impatient...