Facelift Model Seatbelt issue

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    Hi everyone,

    As the FR-V is used as a family car I'm constantly putting car seats in and out, especially as kids love to sit in the front when possible. The issue I have with the seat belts are once the belt is fully pulled out and I start to attach the car seats if I let any of the slack retract back I can't get it to come back out and is locked. The only way I can get the full length is to fully retract and start again. This must be a safety feature as all the belts do this, is there anyway round it? It's not the end of the world but can make some car seats difficult to attach.
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    Same set up in the Mobilio and Stepwgn, with the early stage car seats it can be quite a pain in the donkey, as you need almost all the belt to run through the seat. What I've done on occasion is extend the belt entirely and stick a spring clamp on the belt to keep it from retracting while routing it through the chair.

    At least they have enough belt, the '96 CR-V I owned the rear belts were about 18" to short, and needed to source a seat belt extender.
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    Thanks for the detailed reply, in that case I consider myself lucky!