Engine & Gearbox Semi to fully synthetic oil - ok?

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by Roylewaa, Saturday 23rd Mar, 2013.

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    Hi all, I'm planning on servicing my car shortly and I am looking at which oil to use, I've already decided on 5w 40, however I want to use better quality engine oil which is fully synthetic and I am concerned as this will be the first time I have serviced the car so not knowing its history of what oil has been used in the past. If semi synthetic has been used previously will it be ok to use fully synthetic with no issues? I've never been really clear on this so thanks for any info:Smile:
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    Simon Walsall
    Problem with using a different oil to previous is that if the the seals & gaskets are used to a certain oil, then in some cases using a different oil can cause them to start leaking/weeping.
    It's just my experience.

    Does it use any oil at the moment?
    What's the mileage?
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    No it doesent use any oil at all, mileage is 107k, last serviced at 99k by previous owner, I still have his number, I could ask him I suppose?
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    Simon Walsall
    Yes. If it's not using any oil, then best to use what the previous owner was using.
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    Ok mate cheers, I shall get in touch and ask him
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    IMHO I would only use Fully synthetic oils in older cars if they were high performance or Turbo charged units. I use good quality 10w40 Semi synthetic in my 2.0SE as its only 140 odd BHP, no concerns.

    Its the individuals brand preference or influence of course.

    I had a similar debate with Porsche regarding our old Boxster. They still recommended Mobil one 0w 30 but for a 96k car, its more likely to result in leaks! That gets 5w40 semi synth too.
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    You can use fully synthetic no matter how old your Honda is. This urban myth of fully synthetic oil damage your seals is false and wrong.

    I use 5w-40 in my 1977 Honda Accord and I have been using that since 2004 I have never had any seal failures.

    My accord is the oldest on this forum so if is fine for this car your modern cars will be better off.:Thumbup:

    Have a read of this chaps

    Amsoil Synthetic Oils
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    I was wanting to use 5w 40 and all the 5w 40 grade oil I have seen is fully synthetic, I want it to be just that little thinner for cold starting as I know up to temp 5w 40 is the same thickness as 10w 40