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    Oooh what a week to date.

    Service for my wife's Civic yesterday at HH. Brilliant service from all and even got the use of a Kindle tablet to play around with whilst was waiting (managed to catch up on Masterchef episodes on iPlayer :Smile:

    Went in for minor service knowing needed lots of other stuff doing.....came out with;
    New battery
    New tyre
    New rear pads
    Sorting out seized rear brake caliper
    New air and pollen filter

    As always thanks to this forum I got a really decent discount which I am so grateful for.....seriously shocked! Anyway at least wife won't be driving the CR-V anymore.

    She took it out first time on Wednesday cos her Civic was making a noise,and ended up kerbing the CR-V, ruining the alloy and bursting a tyre.

    I can tell you i was well nervous whilst i was sat in HH having service done as wife had to use my Legend. But luckily got it back without a scratch phew.

    Anyway HH, massive thank you. Civic is now driving beautifully and well chuffed with service. And thanks to forum also for introducing me to HH.

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