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    Hi guys,
    I am still hunting for "the one" and in my quest I have come across a 56 plate executive in silver with 90k on the clock.

    The dealer is telling me it has full service history but hasn't got the service book or dealer details it was serviced at

    Is there a way of checking the service records? Do Honda keep a national database?

    It looks ok from the pics but don't want to drive 250 mile round trip for a nail if a motor.
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    Hi bud,

    if the dealer does not have the service book there is no way to authenticate the service history. if you had the service book then it can be a simple case of ringing that specific dealership to confirm the authenticity of that stamp. Honda UK does not have a database or a repository which entails the entire service history and work carried out of any Honda vehicle. However they do get reports of how many services were carried out in a month and stats and figure and customer satisfaction index. What Honda UK does maintain on a database is the history of all warranty work carried out on car that can be easily looked up any dealer in Europe via its VIN number.

    By law the dealer which carried out the service has to hold all documents for any service carried out for seven years. For a small fee the dealer can print out the archives of the bill and the VHC sheet (Vehicle health check).

    So to answer your question if the dealer is asserting there is a full service history ask them to documented with hard fact in black and white if they cannot walk away from the deal.
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    How easy is it to fiddle the mileage on? I've done a vehicle check on it and comes back with 151k in 2012!

    Just wondering if the dealer is pulling a fast on me or if the clocks have been changed for any reason.
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    Sounds like a dodgy dealer or a least a dodgy motor....
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    If you look at the MOT certificate it should document the mileage on the last 3 MOT's. You be able to tell fro that if the mileage is heading backwards.
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    You can also check online for the MOT, this will give you a few more mileage figures. I think you need reg and VIN or Reg and MOT Doc ref number
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    Hi, I will put my accord for sale after 4 weeks, 56 reg (01/2007 reg), with perfect condition. Just over 100k on the clock, silver, with FSH (all invoices,MOT's etc...I'm second owner).
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