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    Hi All,

    Honda Accord 2.2 I-DTEC 2009

    I have had a couple of indicators pop up on the dash and came to this forum to see if I could figure out what they mean. Im still a little unsure after reading, im prob missing something obvious so apologies in advance if this has already been covered.
    I was hoping some one seen similar.

    Im guessing its a service indicator but its the other icons im unsure of. Does the 29 mean service items 2+9 etc?

    A spanner with a car, a 2 in a bracket and '29' over a sun-star.

    Many thanks

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    Yes this is your service reminder
    The number 2 is the type of service required.
    This number 2 means Replace dust and pollen filter
    Inspect drive belt

    The 29 means your service is due in 29 days and nights.
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    Please use the search function on this site and you will find all you need to know.
    Search for SvRS (service vehicle reminder system).
    The 2 indicates the service item, in your case pollen filter and check drive belt(auxiliary).
    The 29 indicates the number of days before it is due.
    The symbol at the bottom (sun/star), shows it working on the number of days remaining.
    If it working on mileage the symbol would be replaced by for example 3500 miles.
    Days remaining shows if you are doing short journeys and drops by 10 every 10 days.
    Mileage remaining shows if you drive longish trips and seems to drop by 50 miles every day.
    If on days the drop is fairly consistent but if on miles the drop seems to speed up considerably as you get nearer to zero, much faster than actual miles driven.
    One other thing, only reset when and if you have done the service indicated(otherwise the system will be of of kilt and effectually useless) and be aware that as soon as you reset, the next service item due will be displayed and that item could be due very soon.
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    Perfect thank you both so much for this, makes much more sense now. I replaced the filter myself a few weeks ago so will look to reset that reminder. I will look in to drive belt though.

    Thanks again for quick reply
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