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    I took delivery of my 2008 58 plate 2.0 petrol in July, having covered 29k. The garage (ford dealer) told me it had just been serviced, however when I got it home and started playing with it I noticed the service interval timer was telling me it required another service in 3400 miles time! I had the oil changed after doing approx 1500 miles as I never trust garages who say it just been serviced. I have now covered the 3400 miles and the service indicator flashedup to tell me it required a service. I took it into my local garage who reset the indicator (having had an oil and filter change less than 2k ago) and it is now saying 3400 miles again, exactly the same as when I picked it up!
    Surely I am not expected to change the oil every 3400 miles? If so it is going in Autotrader next week.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

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    What code is on display,not every service is about oil change.It could be B service which is just checking many things on the car.I got one coming next week and my car only done 5000 miles since last service.
    Do you use your car around town,lots of stop start driving?If you use your car mainly in town then service intervals will be more often.
    Have a look at this threads,it explains a lot

    Accord SRVS Service Reminder System FAQ

    SvRS code for the 8th Generation Petrol Cars
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    Thanks Zoran,
    Just had a look and it is just showing the number 8, which is telling me it is the air filter.

    Panic over.