Suspension, Steering and Brakes Service limit info

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    Hello Honda Accord owners over the pond and everywhere. I found this site and have had a very brief look around, but the amount of information looks well developed.

    I am in the middle of a DIY job of replacing the rear hub/wheel bearing unit on my 2001 Accord Coupe - 4 cylinder with rear disc brakes and was hoping to find someone with a service manual that can give me the service limit specification on the rear brake rotor. My rotors are still original, due to careful ongoing maintenance of the pads and calipers over the years.

    Thank you if anyone can help with this info.

    EDIT: My micrometer reads in thousandths of inches, so the spec in that format would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hi Canada, welcome to AOC. Just watch out for slightly different terminology that we have over here for stuff :Smile:

    I'm not sure what the service limit is for your rotors/discs but I was going to say that this is not the only indicator that they need changing. Other conditions under which they need changing are if they are pitted, warped, corroded, groved, cracked etc

    If the disc (rotor) is worn, chances are it has developed a ridge, so it won't easy to get an actual measurement for the thickness.
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    Thanks for your reply Speedy. Yes, I'm aware of some of the "differences" between our English and yours. I frequent a Honda Pan motorcycle web site with lots of Brits on it too.

    My discs are still in great shape, no pits, scoring, not warped (easy to feel that one in the brake pedal), cracked or severely corroded. There is surface rust on most of the disc, where not swiped by the brake pads. One thing I have great advantage of here, on Canada's west coast, is that there is very little snow or ICE ever and as a result very little use of salt on the roads, unlike you fellows that have to deal with lots of it over a winter.

    There is a very small ridge at the outer circumference, but the disc is off and it will be no problem to put the mic on and read it on the disc. I just need to know the spec on the service limit. Hopefully someone here has the appropriate service manual.