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    whats the general thoughts on the service plan sell? On the surface of it it looks like a great idea for me but after the opinions of those a little more experienced in this area.

    I always use HH (120mile round trip but they have sorted countless issues and love the customer service). I could service it myself if i didn't have a 60hrs a week job and 2 kids......The car is at 87500 and does somewhere between 20-25k a year up and down the M62 between manc and leeds so not stressful but does rack up the miles.

    estimated c25% saving on my servicing and MOT's when paid monthly + honda assistance.

    seems no brainer if i stay with HH but like i say, after alternate views......
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    Your time is precious to you and balancing between work and life is your priority, but the car also is equally important .A few members on here have found going to HH is cheaper than a prepaid service plan. Why get your hands dirty when servicing at HH can be lower than the one lump sum upfont. You will find the time to service your car in your busy schedule and you know it all it takes little planning and foresight.

    Upfont prepaid servicing is expensive when you can get all the parts at club rates and servicing rate at prices which leave you speechless. So you have an extra journey which is nominal price to pay in grand scheme of things. I would suggest you have the service plan is you don't plan to go back to the same dealer.
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    I didn't know where to post so thought is pop it in here.

    After a local Honda dealer decided not to come pick my car up for its service I'm now on holiday in Wales. I looked online via Hondas website to find a dealer while I'm down here and came across one called roundabout Honda in Neyland. It's still a recommend Honda service centre but now actually sells Nissan instead of Honda. They use 0w30 oil and are £60 cheaper than back home.

    I'd like my service history to remain all Honda. Would this dealership still qualify? I'm hoping the company still has a Honda rubber stamp.
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    I just got mine back for 2nd windscreen trim repair as the 1st was a bad job by another dealer.

    At the time, i was quoted £420 for 2 services with AA cover and mots. I will call them tmorrow and ask some more questions but this seems a good deal to me.
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    Got my service plan with Holdcroft,s £200 a year includes MOT & breakdown cover , keeps main dealer stamp , but for me piece of mind excellant quaility from a well known dealership .