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    Now due an "A" service, oil and filter only.
    No problems but if in the future I do an "A" service early, say twice a year even if there are plenty of days remaining, will that speed up other service requirements, EG. brake fluid change or spark plug renewal etc. ?.
    I've checked through other posts and all I can find is a warning not to reset if you haven't done the service item, which I fully understand as it will put the system out of sync.
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    You need to see this thread
    You need to see how many miles your are doing that will calculate your Service Intervals. If the A service is done and the oil and filter is selected in SvRS reset menu via HDS. As for the other service items brake fluid change or spark plug renewal, pollen filter those counters are working away to give you the pop up.
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    This will be my 3rd "A" service, each interval being just over 6k miles. I think that it will show 2, 7 and 8 next year judging by service history so far which also ties in with Normal Driving Conditions non-SvRS maintainance schedule.
    Thanks Ichiban for your reply.