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    As the cold days are becoming more frequent I have noticed that the car isnt running so good, longer starts (as expected) and an MPG drop of around 5-8mpg over the last 3 tanks.

    The car is coming up to 70,000 miles but with it being winter and the last service stamp was October last year (I only got the car in February)

    Im going to get it serviced but what needs doing at this mileage, is there any merit in getting all the fluids changed, antifreeze, brake, gearbox that sort of thing?

    Im asking because other than the stamps in the log I can't find if and when this sort of stuff has been done or not?

    Oh and its an oil burner!

    Sorry for noobs questions but I don't want to take any chances over winter and if im going to do it might as well do everything that needs doing? :Blink:
  2. The 75k service is a big one, oil, air, fuel, pollen, brake fluid, gearbox oil, plus maybe aircon recharge clutch fluid and coolant if you want to do it properly.

    At this point personally speaking i would definitely go for at least an oil and filter plus fuel filter change now as an interim but maybe leave the big one until the 75 comes up.
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    Find mine always runs much better on fresh oil.

    Had mine serviced recently at Honda they put 5-30 fully synthetic in it but found the engine ran not so smoothly. I have just dropped it and replaced with 0-30 fully synthetic and hey presto smooth and responsive again..

    I would start with an oil change and filters as all simple easy quick stuff. Do the other fluids when you have time. Don't leave the oil changes to long either.
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    5w/30 is the same viscosity as 0w/30. The difference between the spec is that the 0w/30 has very good extreme cold pour properties and by extreme I mean -20 or more.
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    Am really liking the idea of doing all fluids any idea of how much something like that would cost?

    Is it worth changing the glow plug too?
  6. No

    it's the same when it's warm,

    but different when it's cold, & that's when most engine wear occurs.
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    Hi guys, as my 75k miles service is due in another 1.5k (or in October probably), I'm starting to plan what's need to be done.

    Anyone could give some advice about fuel filter replacement on K24? Is it mandatory at 75k miles? How expensive is filter itself and how difficult is to replace it? Thanks!
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    Not too bad Zoran :Niceone: How about you?

    Thanks for the link! I'll read it through.
    My Nighthawk going to need some cash... :Ermm: Engine oil, oil filter, gearbox oil, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter.. then to do valve clearance most likely? (still don't know where to go for valve clearance.. which garage to trust..). And one more thing which I'm not sure about - inspect idle speed. What's exactly is this? Idle revs? It's stable as always in my case.
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    Oil is quite a science which I'm very interested in but still learning.

    It's also worth noting about viscosity that it's not the only factor with protection. If the oil is too thick then it won't get around the engine quick enough to lubricate it. Film and shear strength is what's really important as this is the point where the oil breaks under temperature and load and no longer lubricates as the oil will lose its viscosity. I used Mobil 0W20 in my 2.4 Petrol Accord and it's wonderful, a slight increase in performance and economy but even though it's a thin oil doesn't mean it won't protect the engine so long as it's film strength is good then it will have a high shear strength quality and maintain lubrication.

    With my diesel I've used Castrol Edge, not my first choice by far but the best i could get in a hurry. I've always found Mobil to be excellent and may start trying others. Problem is, there's very few proper tests been done comparing oils and I've found its often very subjective. I've heard good things about Shell's top grade oil so may try that next.
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    Try Silkolene oil or as I call them as fcuks oil only Germans can come up with a name like that !!LOL poor name good oil company.
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    Yep, I'm using Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W-40 Ester Synthetic for some 1.5 year now. The only downside is - price is going up and up each time I need that oil. Soon I'll start using some Shell oil probably... :Ermm: Atleast Shell is half cheaper.