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    Heya everyone,

    Right, so the time for servicing is arriving shortly and now that I can actually stand outside and move my fingers without them wanting to freeze off, and with a few days off work and the school holidays in full swing, the lil chariot just sitting around twiddling its sensors and a bit of spare cash lying in the bank due to working my :thumbdown: off over christmas, im figuring this is as good a time as any to get stuff sorted.

    History of the service of my car so far is that up to the point of me buying it two years ago, it has full service history only from Honda. All marked up in the service history book to 50k mark. Car is now at 67k on the clock (family car used for school runs etc etc). Last year, I changed the discs n pads on it, plus nice clean new brake fluid (I have always done this yearly anyways), after realising that bleeding the brake system of the Accord is not the normal "Start at the wheel furthest away from the master cylinder", finally got it bled nicely enough. At the same time, I did its intermediate service replacing the oil, oil and air filter, and checking all the suspension components etc (had access to a ramp which made things much easier and hopefully I will have access to a ramp again if I play my cards right)

    So, with 67k on the clock, however approaching the 72 month service, and with honda wanting to charge me as close as makes no difference 400 odd quid, I see the following things being involved in that service, as well as a couple of personal preferences:

    -Full coolant change (missed that one out on the 5 years service)
    -Drive belt checks (tbh, im just gonna replace it as I then know its been done... its not fraying or showing any signs but it hasnt been touched since I got it and I like knowing the history of my cars and when things were last changed)
    -Oil change
    -Oil, fuel,pollen and air filter
    -Transmission fluid
    -Brake fluid change

    I've looked at the service book and can't see anything else really. One question though, can't see information on replacing the timing belt... is the timing belt on the diesel accord a chain?? I have the impression that it is.

    Have I missed anything major out?

    Only thing that I am dubious about is the coolant change (only ever done this on petrols and don't know if its a different principle on diesels), and the fuel filter and pollen filter. I understand reading on here that changing the fuel filter is a rather dodgy thing to attempt on your own, and I need to find out where the pollen filter is located.
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    You car is chain driven.One thing i would do is change clutch fluid as well,rather then that you got everything else covered.
    Pollen filter is behind your glove box.Fuel filter i never tried to do on my own but other people here did,hopefully somebody will give you some pointers.
  3. Sounds a good list.

    Instructions for most of the jobs are towards the rear of the owner's handbook.

    Might also be worth checking the compliance bushes when the car is raised.

    I'm assuming the car doesn't need an aircon recharge.

    0W 30 oil and Honda parts are highly recommended.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks guys, have only ever used manufacturer parts (with the exception of brake pads) - never touched any of that dodgy halfords junk or any other generic part. Recipe for disaster that one.

    In relation to the coolant change -
    I see that the accord has a bleed screw which must be used. Is it as simple as the post made it out to be? Whenever I used to change coolant a number of years back in petrol cars, it was just a matter of opening the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator, letting it all run free, tightening it up again, refilling the radiator again with 100% pure coolant/antifreeze (never used to dilute it - but I note that this is not recommended anymore reading that link and checking the car manual), leaving the radiator cap off and letting the engine run with the heater on till hot air came out, everything warmed up and no more bubbles were appearing at the top of the radiator cap. I am assuming that things have changed alot reading that coolant thread on here?

    Another thing I want to do when I do the coolant, is clean out the inside of the expansion tank as its hard to see the min and max markings as its dirty inside. I assume its possible to remove the metal top of the expansion tank in order to clean the plastic inside??

    One last question - coolant colour? red or blue? Why the difference in coolant colour? And I understand its red for Honda yes?

    Had new clutch put in the car in November, they changed the clutch fluid at the same time free of charge as I asked them to. Aircon is still lovely so Im not going to worry about that this year. Battery is still fine, was replaced when I bought the car so thats still got plenty of life left in it.

    I was taught when I started on cars years ago, three things you NEVER go cheap on. Brakes, tyres and suspension. Im using Honda discs, but Ferodo pads (always used Ferodos), always gone for decent tyres, be that Michellin, Pirelli's, Good years or my current ones, which are Bridgestones ER300's. They all got plenty of life left in them, especially my one new one I got yesterday as a replacement for damaging the sidewall when I had to swerve onto the curb to avoid hitting a child. But thats on another thread...

    Thanks guys, Im gonna see if I can access the ramp and tackle it over the next day or so before I go back to the land of working again.
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    When I did the coolant change on my I-CTDI I drained it via the drain in the bottom of the radiator then filled it with the coolant from my Honda dealer I only undid the 1 bleed screw and let it run with the heater on hot. There is apparently another bleed screw down the back of the engine but doing this all on the garage floor I couldn't see it/get to it.

    One thing on the diesel is you'll be waiting forever for the cooling fan to kick in unlike on a petrol. I let mine idle for about 10 minutes on the drive making sure the heater was getting warm sometimes raising the rev's to 3k to get the water moving quicker. Once it was up to normal temperature and the heaters were nice and hot i took it for a run then just kept checking the coolant level over the next few days to make sure it was still ok.
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    So, bought all the parts earlier on, got permission to use the ramp again which is good, so will go first thing tomorrow morning before they get any cars turning up and will tackle some of it then.

    Got everything from Honda except for the fuel filter, which I have decided I will have to book the car in to get it done. Spoke to a Honda mechanic whilst I was waiting for my parts to be brought to me and he told me that bleeding the fuel filter is a piece of cake, but the removal of it is an absolute curse. While still waiting for the parts, he led me out to my car, popped the bonnet and showed me the way to do it. Decided that I will just let them do the fuel filter - downside being it will cost me 110 quid or so, but it needs doing.

    Still not sure if I should be using blue or red antifreeze/coolant. Honda told me that I can use any coolant, and does not need to be colour specific
  7. Genuine Honda Type 2 coolant is recommended in the 7th Generation owners handbook and that is blue.
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    Blue it will be then...

    EDIT: Right, managed to grab some from the dealer before they shut. £18 for 5 ltrs. Cooling system takes just under 7 according to the manual and as it is already pre mixed, they told me that all they ever do is just top up the remaining amount with water, as that is what they do when they change the coolant.

    I also asked them about what specific coolant is suitable for the car, and he said any coolant with G12 specifications will work absolutely fine. Apparently, the G12 specification has really good anti corrosion properties, helps protect the pipes from cracking etc, however, it is totally incompatible with any other specification of coolant. Chap at Honda said that any coolant below G12 specs has the possibility of {Edited by CJ} any aliminum cylinder head.

    Anyways, so I got home, quick google later, found this:

    Anyways, also got some Castrol Edge 0-30w... expensive stuff that
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  9. When you've been on the forum a bit longer and have access to the AOC traders section you'll qualify for some absolutely brilliant deals on genuine Honda parts and on oil.

    Hope all goes well tomorrow and look forward to hearing how you got on.
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    Good luck for tomorrow. If you get the chance it would be great if you could take photographs at each stage. With us only being around a few months we are still collecting information and guides on how to's.
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    Of course, I will try to take pics but some of the things I will be doing have already been covered here, and in fact, Im going to be using some of the guides already available here.

    Apologies CJ btw