Suspension, Steering and Brakes Shake whilst accelerating

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    Hi all,

    I don't normally like to turn up to forums and post a question out of the blue. But I am stuck here :Frown:

    We got our FR-V (2005 2.2 I-CDTI) a few months ago and have been loving it! However there has been this shake whilst accelerating that has been playing on my mind. It can be quite fearce at times too!

    I took it to the mechanic and he tells me there is a lot of play in the offside (drivers side) driveshaft.

    I ordered a new (recon) drivesharft from a retailer who got it supplied by ShatfTec.

    The mechanic went to fit it but immediately told me that this was the wrong side. The one they gave me has two male ends, one to the wheel hub and one to the gear box. So I phoned shafttec and they tell me that I have to remove the end pod from my current driveshaft and put that onto the new driveshaft.

    Last night the mechanic went at it again, completely removed the old driveshaft and changed the end pods, but the end pod off the old one was the wrong size for the new one and it didnt move as it needs to (or at all).

    I'm trying to understand where this has gone wrong, ShaftTec are telling me that the one they provided is the correct one, but the mechanic is telling me that it should have a female end as it connects to a sort of extension from the gear box. I'm aware of this sort of extension set up from other cars, the mechanic says that this one is not removable and the new driveshaft should have a female end to connect to it and the only male end should go to the wheel hub.

    TL;DR - Does anyone have a picture of the N/S and O/S driveshafts for a 2005 Honda FR-V Diesel?

    Sorry for the massive question right off the bat. Hopefully someone can help or has some knowledge of this!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Should have bought a genuine new one using the vehicle's serial number. Would probably have been cheaper in the end. Your own mechanic could have fitted it in a jiffy. We have to assume that your mechanic is competent, therefore he is probably correct and the part is wrong.

    This kind of issue can be a common one with many used, non genuine components. It can even be a problem with genuine parts, but the main dealer has an obligation to rectify the problem as long as it was a problem at their end.
    If it was only your own unpaid labour involved, it wouldn't be much of a problem, only an irritation. Paying someone by the hour and it is no joke either for yourself or the mechanic.
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    Yeah we did price the part direct from Honda. They were after just shy of £700 for it.

    Got the reconditioned one from ShaftTec for under £200 and the labour isnt really an issue as we know the mechanic.

    You're right though. We should maybe just return this part and bite the bullet with the Honda part huh...
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    Are Honda parts generally considered to be very overpriced? I know that their quad bike parts are.
    Common models will have alternative suppliers producing good quality replacements at more reasonable prices. 'Motor Factors' are your friend in this respect. Your mechanic friend or yourself, if you have a VAT registered business, might be able to get a 'trade discount' of up to 20% of the pre-VAT cost of the part. In general the mechanic/garage would wish to retain the margin though, so be careful who you ask, otherwise they would never be able to pay their rent and rates etc.
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    Sorry to hear of the troubles Andy.

    Hard to tell who is right here, probably mechanic as he has the original in front of him.

    Returning ShaftTec after messing around with may not be an option now.

    Can you send ShaftTec some pictures of what your original shaft looks like.
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    Yeah I've no doubt the mechanic is right as he has had both parts in front of him, as you say.

    ShaftTec were the ones who advised to remove the end pod and replace with the old one, the mechanic has put it all back together though, so hopefully they won't kick up a fuss about that.

    Yeah that would have been a good idea, I should have asked the mechanic to take some pics whilst it was off. Taking it off again for pics isn't really an option though :Frown: We are still using the car at the moment.

    Thanks for your reply :Grin:
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  8. Other people on AOC including me have had problems with aftermarket driveshafts in the past.

    It's a known issue with the I-CDTI engines because they are putting so much torque through the drivetrain.

    Sometimes you might get lucky with a second hand one on ebay or parts gateway DOT co DOT uk but in that case the vehicle they came off will have been pumping torque through them too.

    Otherwise a new Honda one is probably the only realistic option. You could ring around one or two dealers and see if anyone is willing to be a wee bit flexible on price.

    As for ShaftTec they sold you an unfit for purpose one so it's a money back job simple as.
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    Thanks for that.

    I'm not sure if it's an aftermarket one that's on it just now.

    Would you say that a reconditioned one from ShaftTec isn't a good way to go then? Even though the shaft should have been reconditioned?

    Yeah I'll get that one returned ASAP.

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is exactly what I was after! Thank you! So looking at the diagram here -

    What I have looks a lot like [5] but require [4], on item [4] it looks like the end part (gearbox side - right hand side of this image - would receive the splined pin from item [16] - the half shaft. But at the moment I have a driveshaft with a nut end for the wheel hub and another splined end that fits into the driveshaft.
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    That link isn't showing me a diagram but what I can see is :-

    "Displayed for Honda Car: FR-V - Year: 2005 - Doors: 5 - Transmission: 6MT - Spec: 2.0 SE-S"

    Isn't that the 2.0 petrol version your looking at, ie wrong car selected ??
  11. If they can supply one that fits and save you £400 then it's definitely an option. But if they can't then IMO new from Honda is the only realistic option because a second hand Honda one off a diesel might not have long left to go. Unless you can get the same Honda part second hand off a petrol. Personally I wouldn't go for a reconditioned driveshaft again from anyone after my previous experience but others may have had no issues so it's up to you at the end of the day. You're right though I shouldn't generalise.

    Just reread original post - the unfit for purpose warranty applies to the retailer not the supplier. 1 out of 10 for me today.
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    Sorry, does this work -

    Yeah I think it is the petrol version, although this one is 2.2 - the site didnt appear to bhave the diesel version so I thought his might be similar enough to show what I meant. (IE The diesel one would be pretty much the same set up, with the half shaft and how they connect) ?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I wasn't picking at your post by any means :Smile: I'm grateful for the help! I suppose I'll just return this one that I got then see what I will do from there. I'm interested in getting the part from Honda I think. Like you say, it's probably the best long term option! I was just baffled at the price! I suppose you only get what you pay for though huh!
  13. Much better quality, but some of the parts do cost silly money for sure, which is why there's such a big trade in second hand spares.
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    Worth a call to Holdcroft Honda for some AOC discount and see what price they can do!
  15. Gand Fraser Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    A discount you say... I might just give them a call!

    Regarding the second hand option - I tried this route first of all but couldn't find any scrap dealer in Scotland that has an FR-V for me to get it from :Frown: Maybe someone on here has one mind you...