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    England Pete Alcester
    I thought some of you may be interested in this nugget.
    Whilst we put another gearbox in his car, Mike ran this, with the results in the article.
    Shakespeare County Raceway
    Shakey is well worth a visit, it has an uncertain future as they want to build a new town on the airfield, but there is a full calendar published for this year and next.
    Mike is there every chance he gets and is well-known, as can be seen in the article.
    He's just moved a mile from the strip, so he can push the drag car home [his work commute 1stgen !!!] when it breaks.
    Our first mechanical failure after 600+ runs was when the gearchange stabilizer boss sheared off the side of the gearbox.
    Even so, the car recorded its best 60-foot time!! Very slow for the rest of the quarter, though.
    My car is making slow progress as I am getting my camper ready for use, and to tow my 1stgen on a tow-frame to various meetings, at which point I hope to see more of everyone.
    Chat again soon

    27/07/2016: Rusty outshines the rest again!
    Local racer Mike 'Rusty’ Rust picked up some useful points towards the championship at Shakey’s recent Mid Summer Madness weekend, writes SCR's Jerry Cookson.

    Competing in a recently acquired stock 2 litre Honda Accord Tourer Rusty qualified third in the one shot qualifier with a 17.448 on a 16.50 dial. Top qualifier was Gerhard Steyn’s Prelude; 15.280 on a 15.20 dial. Second was the white Integra Turbo of Xavia Vieria while completing the top four was Kizza Bash competing in a EK4 Civic who dipped under his predicted index with a 14.395 on a 14.50 dial.

    With four cars entered the semi finals kicked off with Kizza breaking out fore the second time with a 14.274 on a 14.30 dial to hand the win over to Xavia. His 12.236 stayed on the right side of his 11.50 to book his place in the KK HDS final shootout against Rusty. The Integra also clocked the fastest time of the day for the class at 121.81 mph. Gerhard ran out of real estate at the top end in his valiant effort to catch the Estate; 17.438 (17.40 dial) to the Prelude’s 15.267.

    With dial-ins logged and cars at the ready Rusty was away first chasing a predicted 17.40. Five seconds later the white Integra was set loose (11.50 dial) but as they drew level at the 1000ft mark the Estate held on just enough to nose over first in 17.551 seconds to lay claim to the win against Xavia’s game 11.738.

    With the second round washout all but a distant memory Mike’s win moves him over from fourth in the series points race to second. Gerhard still keeps his lead by 10 points over Rusty. The series takes a break now until the Late Summer Madness weekend September 25th. With 8 weeks till then hopefully this will give enough time for some more series debutants to come out and take part! Thanks again to Marc Linekar of Krystal Kleen Detailing for his companies generous support. See you in eight weeks time. Photos courtesy of Mike Burrowes

    HDS 11 Gerhard Steyn 48 pts
    HDS 8 Mike Rust 38 pts
    HDS 1 Paul Reeves 23 pts
    HDS 69 Xavi Vieira 18 pts
    HDS 02 Scott Renouf 15 pts
    HDS 17 Kizza Bash 10 pts
    HDS 03 Catherine Firmston 5 pts

    @Ichiban thanks for your help @ Crystal Palace
    My Civic @CP when driven by slim.
    civic xtal p 01.

    Setting off the startline

    goldie @ cp 1.
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    England CJ Leeds
    Wow thanks for the write up, just fascinates me to see a Tourer competing lol and he did well for 3rd . just amazing
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    England Pete Alcester
    Whilst he qualified third, he actually was the winner on the day, winning the final. this has put him in second place in the championship.
    He's finished in this place [2nd] for the last 3 or 4 seasons. I cannot remember, I just turn up and go to sleep, the c1stgen is just so reliable.
    To anyone interested, it runs an EN4 [Acclaim engine] fitted with an EB1 head, raising compression to around 12:1. The only head issues that we have had, have been blown gaskets caused by over-advancing the ignition. To the left is a picture of the race car being dragged down the holding lane prior to yet another run.
    The car has run a 15.97 @83mph, putting other, bigger cars to shame [Sorry, Dark Horse]. Mike also runs in the bracket gamblers.

    15.97 slip.

    The Honda Drag Series is open to any Honda-engined car, including kit cars and specials, but as it is bracket-racing it equalises every car and gives everyone one a chance of being a winner, consistency of performance is the key. A slower car can have the advantage of being first up the strip, often wrong-footing the other driver to starting too soon [red-lighting] or going under his propsed time [breaking out].

    When we started, I thought like many others''what's the point of this type of racing?'. Now we have been involved for many years, it is the truest way of analysing power outputs, far better than a rolling road where the readings can be so easily bull5h''ed by bouncing the equipment to over-read to give bragging rights in the bar and on social media. Optimistic readings- brings in more money by engine prep appearing better at one place when compared to another. I have known the same car produce 100hp difference between 2 sets of rollers when tested 20 minutes apart. You cannot fudge a strip time.

    Why don't some of you come along to a ''run what you brung'' meeting as a social gathering? The strip has a fantastically friendly atmosphere where everyone helps everyone else, unlike The' Pod, and all the big circuits are just units to fleece our pockets.
    There's food, burgers etc and a bar for Saturday night stop-overs. Stratford upon Avon town is only 4 miles down the road for anyone that gets bored, and the 'field is surrounded by beautiful countryside including the magnificent Cotswolds with its chocolate box villages. And some wonderful real ale pubs with great food.
    Club areas are bookable and there is a great casual feel to every weekend.
    You bet I am, I grew up in Wolverhampton and worked all over the UK, including London. The area is Nirvana.
    I hear that there is a rumour that they are putting foot-and-mouth straw beds on all exits from London to stop the countryside getting further polluted. Is that true? LEG-PULL, honest
    See you there
    Pete and Mike
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    Ben Nottingham
    Is this where the Bulldog Bash is held?

    If so I've been up the strip many times on two wheels :Smile:
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    England Pete Alcester
    Yes, indeed that is on this weekend
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    Ben Nottingham
    Always thought it was Stratford upon Avon raceway or similar
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    England Pete Alcester
    It has been known by various names, but I do not recall Stratford ever being used in any of its incarnations..
    I've known it as Long Marston Drag Strip
    Avon Park Raceway
    and currently
    Shakespeare County Raceway.
    Shakespeare County Raceway
    Check out the history, it shows just how long it has been used, on and off.
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    Ben Nottingham
    Yes Long Marston DS I must have dreamt up the other name from God knows where :Smile: