Autocar Shanghai motor show 2013: Honda readies MPV concept

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    hondaconceptforweb1. First image suggests another people carrier could join the Odyssey in Honda's range Along with its Acura premium offshoot, Honda will also launch a concept at the Shanghai motor show. The first image of the new car implies Honda may be plotting another MPV.
    It follows the debut of a revised Odyssey at last month's New York motor show. As a concept, however, the styling of the latest car is more dramatic. A bold slash runs along the body from just behind the front wheelarch to the rear lights, dividing the expanse of metal. The lights themselves are very slender and wrap around the bodywork at the back of the car.
    Only images of both the Acura and Honda have currently been released, with no information about either. Expect further announcements when the Shanghai show opens on 20 April.
    Matt Bird