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1st Generation (1976-1981) vehicle added by The Writer, Saturday 12th Sep, 2015

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    England CJ Leeds
    She is back on the forum. Thanks Karl she is back home.
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Good to see her back and in good hands.
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    Hi Karl welcome to HK :welcome:

    Great to see the car in good hands and back on the forum.
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    Hi Folks - Having been prompted to show my presence (not presents!) here we go. Thing is I'm not always on-line, especially on forums - I haven't been on the Rover75/ZT forum for ages either, tut-tut! - but nevertheless not much to report on my Honda Accord 1st Generation at the moment. CJ kindly came and sorted the carb out for me - brilliant! The car has no hesitation at all now and really is a cracking car and full of character too. Sooooo glad I bought it even if it was at an inflated price. I don't care!!

    So what else have I done to her since: well fitted a oil and battery gauge set so I know what's going on in the engine room. A real period 70's Smiths set. Then something really spooky, I decided that because I DO use the car I wanted to fit a set of front seat covers to keep them clean cos I'm always tatting about in tatty jeans etc. Well, the bright tan seats are a little bit in yer face, so to be equally in yer face I've fitted some Tiger skin print fluffy ones, yes! Tiger print, but yer know what? they really look the part and period too! They're washable and fit a treat. for £29.00 off ebay So, lets see what else have I kept myself amused with . . . Ah! Yes, a bought a set of chrome rim finishers (ala Ford Escort Ghia 1st Generation 1975 rostyles) and they look great too. Okay, so I love chrome - y'know that shiny stuff old cars had fitted to them - for you out there with modern chromeless motors!

    Went to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular last week. Brilliant! The comedian was good, when ever he cracked a 'smutty' joke referred to the one part of the audience that tut-tutted as 'Skippy's' - remember him from years ago on TV?
    Kid - 'Hi Skippy! Whats up?'
    Skippy - 'Tut-tut-tut!'
    Kid - 'No! Young Jimmy's fallen down a well?'
    Skippy - 'Tut-tut-tut!'
    Kid - 'Wow, show me Skippy!!!'
    Duhhhhh! The show was almost as bad as Sooty and blasted Sweep!!

    Anyway that's me done for a bit. Got to sort out the garden fence that blew down last night, and wash the Rover 75. It sulks if it thinks I'm spending too much time with the Honda - sibling rivalry?
    God Bless and have a nice Christmas all!

    The Writer!
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    Great to know the carb is working correctly now. :Niceone: Good old CJ, he's got his uses :Laughing:

    I'm intrigued to see the chrome and covers. Please post some pictures when you can. They were all the rage back in the 70's...So I'm told :Innocent:
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