Engine & Gearbox Showing DPF Problem, but no codes being read

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    I have a 09 Accord 2.2 DTEC and have the 'Check System' warning light appear on my dash, which usually means the DPF is clogged.

    When I brought it to my mechanic, they plugged the diagnostics machine into the car and it reported no DTC fault codes (either temp or permanent codes). We also checked the DPF reading which said the DPF was not clogged (very low reading). We've used a number of diagnostic tools on the car, including Honda's and they all say, no fault codes.

    We then reset the PM (Particle Matter) reading, to essentially tell the DPF that it was clear - this worked and the warning light went off. However, once we went 500 metres up the road, the Check System warning came on again. We repeated the reset PM steps, the warning was removed, drove a little and the warning came back.

    So it would seem to me that the DPF is indeed clear, but something is telling the car that its not.

    Has anyone found this type of fault that the car reports, but the diagnostics does not read ? It seems like its not really a fault, but I still have the warning light.

    Could this be to do with other sensors that may be faulty ?

    thanks in advance,
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    Did your mechanic check live data properly and does he have enough knowledge about DPF? It seems to me - not
    Its very likely your DPF is at the clogging stage now. Not fully clogged but very close. When engine idles the exhaust differential pressure seems OK but once you give engine a load, the exhaust pressure increases and you have a warning light coming on.
    Sort this problem ASAP if you don't want to lose turbocharger first and later the whole engine because at this stage regeneration is disabled and the particles are getting more and more into engine oil what can cause complete engine failure in the near future. I know some people learned this lesson but unfortunatelly - too late.
    Even if there is not a direct problem with DPF itself but there is problems with the exhaust sensors - it affects DPF and regeneration directly anyway and you may face the consequences mentioned above if you wait too long
    im not the person to recommend but I would suggest you visit a proper DPF specialists.
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