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    Found this on another forum:

    Oswestry (Shropshire) and Liverpool showrooms had closed and Cheshire Oaks Honda covering for those customers. Also Collins Honda in Bexhill and Trident Honda in Weybridge also now closed with Collins Honda Herstmonceux and Trident Honda Ottershaw taking on the workload respectively.
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    Well its not a surprise is it there is more to come unfortunately,dealers who can weather this storm will succeed. Personally patience on the ground at majority Honda dealers is waning to an all time low unless Honda Japan acts now which is quite unlikely and we won't ever see.

    Honda Europe cannot just continue to sell Swindon cars forever.
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    The way things are going it will end up with customers logging onto a web site, choosing their car and extras going to checkout to choose method of payment then you car will arrive by transporter in 14days time?? If you are not in well leave it with a neighbour and post the keys through your letter box.
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    14 day more like 5 months mate the waiting list of these cars is Insane. Dealership model of selling and servicing cars will be changed in 10 years.
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    First figure that came into my head but you'll still have your consumer rights so if you are not satisfied you can send it back?? Imagine the bill for a car transporter:Grin:
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    I remember the days when even very small towns would have a couple of franchised dealers of one marque or another - but those days are long gone.

    I think Daewoo were onto something years ago with a few big warehouse centres across the country, test drives brought to the customer, and then smaller service centres (OK, they used Halfords, but the idea stands up).

    Just like with high street retail, people won't buy cars in the same way in a few years. In some areas - take Bristol - even I don't understand why there are so many dealers in such a small area and with Honda having such a small range. Bristol has two dealers, and there is one in Bath too. Unsustainable IMHO unless Honda expand the range and have a sales surge.

    Btw Aylesbury Honda showroom has just had a refurb so it's not all doom and gloom...:Smile:
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    Norton Way (NW) Honda at Letchworth is now apparently owned by a Chinese Company and in same locality they now have additional dealerships for: Mazda, Nissan, Seat, Peugeot and Suzuki. I've been advised that Honda workshop can use the state of the art alignment equipment in the Nissan workshop if I make this request so the establishments are integrated. My last MOT on my S2000 was in fact done at the Nissan dealership. So in Letchworth it's unlikely the Honda dealership will close but they did shut down a Honda dealership in Dunstable.
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    Must admit over the years the demise of family run franchise to corporates has changed the experience for me
    It feels more like a conveyor belt than a trusting relationship - the last sentence below sums it up for me

    Best car dealers 2016 | Auto Express
    8. Honda – 90.96%

    Image 9 of 11
    Image 9 of 11
    For the second year in a row, former podium finisher Honda sees itself slide down the table, from fourth last year to eighth in 2016. Two of its category scores now fall outside the top 10, with owners clearly disappointed by their dealers’ helpfulness and attitude, as well as the standard of workmanship. Still, overall the scores are impressive, and they suggest that you won’t be too upset if you use a Honda franchise.
    That’s backed up by some of the reader comments. One Civic owner said: “They went the extra mile to get my car recalled and repaired under warranty.” Another added: “It’s a small Honda dealer where I feel comfortable with friendly staff. I don’t feel like I’m paying for mega glass windows and men in suits.”
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    Collins Honda in Bexhill have been there for years and what happens, I buy my 1st Honda and they move a couple of months later.
    Just going to have to trust my local garage with my pride and joy. :shock:
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    Odd this, in contrast i was talking to an older gentleman at the local a few weeks ago and he was telling me how many moons ago a dealership he worked at (can't remember which brand) bought up a bunch of Honda stuff sitting at the docks, and ended up becoming one of the first UK dealerships.

    Shame to see what is happening at the mo, looks like the 2017 Civic's transition from concept to showroom suffered in the aesthetic department... again. Not going to draw new people to the H badge *sigh*
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    I got an email from my local dealer last week saying they are now going to be a Suzuki dealer as well as Honda and it is only a small premises, the showroom only has space for four cars.