Suspension, Steering and Brakes Side to Side Ride Height Variation 8th Generation 2.4 EXi Manual Transmission

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    After having had 4 wheel alignment done by Honda Main Dealer there were no entries given on read out for ride height. When queried Service Manager said Honda do not give specification for ride height for 8th Generation Accord & depends on centre of gravity of engine etc. When measured myself I found ride height both back and front was 7mm lower on off side & indeed the engine is off set to off side of car. Car has only done 34k miles, dampers are ok and it drives well & straight but would be interested to know if this is common feature of my car as my wife's new CR-V has exactly same ride height both sides?
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    That is normal Tom you may have uneven tyre wear prior to the wheel alignment. all RHD have a tiny amount of sag.

    You need to feel the tyre tread all round the car whilst rotating the wheel with the palms of your hand, wear gloves as it will muck your hands.
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    As CJ says I'd only be concerned if the difference was several CMs, MMs is ok.