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    Hi I noticed from excust smoke or steam coming when it's cold can any one help me when I start water coming aswell from excust
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    If its white and just when cold its just condensation because its so cold at moment.
    Totally normal.
  3. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Petrol engines throw out some water after combustion, usually a hot exhaust system evaporates this off so you don't see it. When cold you see it as white water vapour or trickling of water out of the exhaust. This is normal.

    It's the reason why lots short trips result in blowing exhaust pipes, as the water sits in the exhaust pipe and eats away at it.

    If you look at other cars in this weather you'll see the same thing happening.

    So white smoke when car has not fully warmed up is perfectly normal.
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    Hi Shahzad

    My car produces quite a lot of steam (and water) from the exhaust when it's cold. Even after everything has got up to operating temperature, I can stop in traffic and especially if this is for a few minutes it'll start steaming again if it's cold. I'm assuming that as the Accord has such a long exhaust system if the car is stopped in traffic for a few minutes when it's cold weather the back box and tail end of the exhaust system must get a chance to cool down (only a little probably) but sufficient enough to get some partial condensation forming and hence this gets blown out as steam.

    If you look at the chrome trim on the tail pipe on 8th Generation there is a drain hole at the bottom of the exit of the trim to stop condensation collecting in the trim.

    As SpeedyGee says, all petrol engines throw out some water after combustion. There is a higher water vapour content in modern car exhausts as the catalyst is burning the nasties off in the fumes - hydrocarbons (and reducing nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen). The burn off of these hydrocarbons forms water and this gives an additonal volume of water to that in the exhaust of non-catalyst vehicles as these older vehicles emit some unburned hydrocarbons which the modern vehicle removes as water and CO2.

    My car can leave a thin trail of water on the drive when it's cold. Nothing to worry about as the others say it's normal.
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    Thanks for replying everyone I was so worried now relax.