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    Bought myself a pressure washer today and now need decent/cheapish snow foam lance.
    It is only a cheapo one but it will do for me.
    Anyone know where i can get snow foam lance that cost less then pressure washer?
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Rachel at Auto rae Chem I have had one since 2002 from her and its super.. never once failed.

    Drop her a message via ebay eBay My World - racquel10 she does 5 litre of snow foam as package deal with the lances. At mo she has got it on but she will in the new year.
    Do you know what fitment your washer is if not tell her the make she will advise you the correct figment.
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    Thanks Ceej
    I will send her a message.
    Its Nilfisk washer and fitting is alto i believe.
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Here you go all the possible fitments in the UK

    Foam lance and fittings.JPG
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    CJ, were you a librarian in a previous life ?

    Where do you dig up all this great info from ?
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    CJ isn't actually a person. He's an enhanced form of Siri but created by Honda...
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    Hi Zoran,

    I've got one of those, good pressure washers.

    if you put neat shampoo in the bottle that attaches to the lance, it does a pretty good foam.

    I use Meguairs shampoo

    Meguiars Shampoo Plus - Clean Your Car

    Its concentrate, has lasted me 2 years ,so far, washing 2 cars everymonth.