Tyres & Wheels So What Are They Like In The Snow ?

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    I love driving in the snow, especially when there's no one else around to 'up the risks'; and my winter hobby sees me on top of some of the highest mountain peaks in England & Scotland, which invariably requires some driving in the snow.

    We've owned a few 4x4s over the years, including a couple of VW Touaregs (V10 & V6) for towing our caravans and because they were fitted with road tyres, they were only average (for 4x4s) in the snow, as there is only so much 'electrickery' systems can do. I did manage to get to a VW Unlimited day, which consisted of both track and off road; and they were pretty awesome offroad with the correct tyres fitted.

    I drive some pretty high powered cars at work, with fat low profiles and they are an absolute pain at times in the snow and I get better traction out of the wife's Aygo with its skinny little tyres and low power engine.

    I've only had the Honda Tourer (Auto) since the summer, so what am I in for when the white stuff arrives, and if winter is prolonged, will it be worth getting a set of "M&S" tyres fitted for a few months ?

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    Hi Blizz,

    As the Michelin man says 'the correct tyres make all the difference', which is correct, just depends if you can afford to have 2 sets!

    Winters are good at this time of year, but only worthwhile if you always have to be mobile, most people can work at home if its really bad...

    I have a petrol auto, I expect as an auto it will be more difficult in snow, with less control than a manual, but for the 7 days or so each year with snow we get, I can live with that, for the comfort I get the rest of the year...
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    Unfortunately I can't work from home and I don't think the budget monitoring half of the marriage would free up enough cash for a set of winter tyres.

    You're right in that the few days of snow that we do tend to get are manageable, but the 2 winters before last were more prolonged and a repeat of those would be interesting.
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    Another alternative is to look at either running on Winter tyres all year around (car will use a bit more fuel, tyres wear faster as compound is softer) or the new all-seasons tyres which are a compromise, but better than summers in snow.

    Type your reg number into www.mytyres.co.uk and its shows a good selection.

    p.s. have you noticed how expensive Accord tyres are, they are a strange size?
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    I don't know what tyres are best in winter on a Honda, but my Accord dealt with snow and ICE well. Bought a smirk to my face when I passed all the rear wheel drive BMWs etc stuck in the snow on turnings ...