Engine & Gearbox Soft and hard clutch pedal

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    Hey Guys,

    my 2.2 Diesel 2007 has just reached 90,000 and not had a problem at all with it, only popping out of 1st gear on overrun a few times. Tonight the misses broke down, the clutch pedal was stuck to the floor and she couldn't lift it up. She got it pushed to the side and by the time I got there it was ok and the pedal came up and was not too bad. I managed to limp it back to work as it got spongy every now and then due to traffic lights etc. Biting point was high some times and other times low. I had a quick look before leaving it at work. I couldn't see any leaks from the slave and the carpet wasn't wet inside and the fluid level was still on max. So if there is no fluid loss, is there a known problem with these? Clutch? DMF? Seals going in master or slave

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    Hmm hard to say, could be any of what you've mentioned but possibly most likely suspect is master cylnder.
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    My master cylinder has been squeaking and creaking in the 6 months I have had it. Is it worth me changing the brake fluid then if its not any better change the master. Are the masters quite prone to failure?