Bulletins & Advisories Software Update for Incorrect RDS Information Displayed / Poor FM Reception.

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    Honda has released the following TSB for the affected cars. TSB #SP-10-008-00 dated 11-06-2015

    ModelModel CodeModel Year
    Civic 4DFB82012, 2013 & 2014
    Civic 5DFK1,FK2&FK32012, 2013 & 2014
    Civic TourerFK2&FK32014

    1. When driving, the station being listened to will change to a different station with no input from the user and the i-MID RDS information will still display the original station and will not update.
    2. With Regional setting turned off, the customer will experience degraded FM radio reception the further they travel away from the mast their station is being broadcast from.

    Both symptoms are caused by an error within the Audio unit software. The internal clock in the audio unit is set to work within a certain period of time, after which some programs stop to work correctly.

    The audio unit software has been modified to reset the internal audio unit clock with every ignition cycle which will resolve the two symptoms.

    Application to Production Line
    SHHFK1***EU004666 Civic 5 Door 1.4 Petrol, Europe
    SHHFK2***EU012807 Civic 5 Door 1.8 Petrol, Europe
    SHHFK2***EU200204 Civic 5 Door 1.8 Petrol, Russia
    SHHFK2***EU100190 Civic 5 Door 1.8 Petrol, South Africa
    SHHFK2***EU303760 Civic 5 Door 1.8 Petrol, Australia
    SHHFK3***EU210205 Civic 5 Door 1.6 Diesel, Europe
    SHHFK3***EU400190 Civic 5 Door 1.6 Diesel, Australia
    SHHFK2***EU507705 Civic Tourer 1.8 Petrol, Europe
    SHHFK2***EU600175 Civic Tourer 1.8 Petrol, South Africa
    SHHFK3***EU509246 Civic Tourer 1.6 Diesel, Europe
    NLAFB8***EW000931 Civic 4 Door, Europe

    Note: Before diagnosis check if the vehicle has already had an update for Intermittent Audio Backlight Failure, refer to bulletin SP-10-009-00. If the vehicle already had bulletin SP-10-009-00 software applied then the vehicle will not require this update. Do Not continue with this bulletin and conduct WSM troubleshooting instead.Diagnosis for the audio unit changing station with the i-MID displaying the previous station RDS information should be established by information supplied from the customers complaint. Diagnosis for poor radio reception should be carried out to ensure the symptoms the customer reported are related to this issue.

    Care point: You should ensure the Regional setting has not been turned ON as this could cause poor reception when travelling outside the region the audio unit was set up in. The audio unit self diagnostic check should be carried out which can be found in WSM under i-troubleshooting, Audio system self diagnostic function. The procedure for reception level indication mode should be followed. If the results from this test show there is still an issue then this bulletin should not be used and poor FM signal fault diagnosis in WSM should be followed instead.

    Repair Method
    NOTE: It is important that during the software update that the power is not disconnected from the audio unit as this may cause irreparable damage. The vehicle should be connected to an external power supply to avoid this issue.
    1) Make sure you have the radio code ready before you start the update procedure.
    • The radio code can be found on the Anti-theft Radio Identification Card as below.

    1a) Or use Pan E extranet if available using the audio unit serial number.The Serial number can be obtained by following these steps
    • Disconnect the battery negative terminal for at least 5 min and than reconnect it.
    • Turn the ignition into IGN1 (accessory on).
    • Push and hold the pre-set buttons 1,6 and on/off button simultaneously.
    • Audio serial number should appear on iMID screen.
    • Make a note of customer's FM, AM and DAB pre-set stations.

    2) To ensure that the latest software is not alreadyloaded into the unit follow the next steps.
    • Ensure that the audio unit is turned off and "Audio off" is displayed on the i-MID. Press and hold pre-set buttons 1, 3 & 5 then press the power button.
    • The software version number will appear on the i-MID.

    3) Check if the unit is a "Base" or "Premuim" audio unit by checking the markings on the front panel of the audio unit. The Base unit will have no markings on the front panel.

    The Premium unit will have "Premium Audio System" marking (A) on the front panel.

    4) Identify the Identity Code (B) on the audio unit front panel.
    5) By using markings (A) and (B), refer to the attached Audio Update Matrix to identify the correct software update CD.
    Note: If the software number dispayed on unit is identical to the software version after update column in Audio Update Matrix attachment, do not
    continue with the update procedure. This unit has already been updated with the latest software.

    6) Turn the key into ignition 2 position or for smart entry key by pressing the start stop button twice without depressing the clutch pedal.
    7) Ensure that the audio unit is turned Off and "Audio Off" is displayed on the i-MID.

    8) Press and hold pre-set button 2, 6 and then press button CD (CD/AUX) and then press "power" button for at least 5 seconds.
    NOTE: Both pre-sets must be held down before the CD button is pressed otherwise the audio unit will power on with "Checking CD" message displayed.

    9) The Audio unit should now be in update mode and “A-Diag DOWNLOAD” is displayed
    10) Insert the correct disc into the unit. Once the audio unit has read the disc the i-MID screen will update and the CD update number will be displayed.
    Note: If the wrong CD is inserted an error message "Bad disc" will be displayed. If this occurs hold the eject button for 3 seconds and remove the CD.
    Ensure the correct disc is selected and reinsert.

    11) Press the power button to start update.
    Note: If the update fails to run and “Audio Off” message is displayed on the iMID, do not repeat the update and contact your Local DTS Group for
    further support as in some rare cases the audio unit might not accept the new software.

    12) The screen stays blank during the update
    • The update will complete within 10 minutes and while the update is being carried out the audio unit back lights will blink every couple of seconds.If the update process is taking longer than 10 minutes. Turn the ignition off then remove the Shipping / transportation fuse for 10 seconds then replace it. Then turn the ignition back on and the update will restart automatically.

    13) After the update has completed the disc will be ejected automatically.
    • If the CD is not removed from the unit after the update procedure within 15 seconds, it will reload. Ensure you remove the disc from the audio unit before the next step.
    • The audio unit security code may need to be entered when prompted before the unit can be accessed again.

    14) Ensure that the audio unit is turned off and "Audio off" is displayed on the i-MID.


    15) Press and hold pre-set buttons 1,3 & 5 then press the power button. The software version will be displayed.

    16) Check that the displayed version number relates to the Audio Update Matrix which you originally used to identify the correct Software update CD.
    Note: If the software version has not changed start the update procedure again from step 3.
    17) Turn the audio unit on and test all its functions.
    Note: While testing the FM and DAB functions restore customers pre-set station in FM and DAB (if equipped) mode.
    Repair is now complete.

    Parts Information
    <Part Number> <Part Name>

    Note: If your DTS Group authorise a new Audio unit because the update fails to accept the software, then you should use the Audio unit Remanufacturing process
    For applicable audio unit part numbers, refer to Web EPC. Any replacement units must be ordered via the warranty Remanfacturing System except units for
    Russia, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland and Norway where the remanufacturing system has not been established.