Electrical & Lights Software update for P250B / battery drain issue

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by Ben28, Monday 13th Jun, 2016.

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    Hi :Smile:
    I have a pending DTC for the above code and saw on another thread that there is a software update for this problem.
    I called my 'local' Honda dealer in Aberdeen and they advised they would run a full diag / update for £99.
    The problem is that I live in Shetland and you wouldn't believe how much it costs to take a car on the boat and we're not going away until July.

    All that being said is there a cable / piece of software I could use myself to update the car with a laptop?
    I'm guessing there are risks and costs involved with doing it myself but thought I'd ask.
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    My local Honda collect and drop off my car after working on it.

    Maybe while on holiday (if at a camp site or static place) you could arrange with the site and local dealer to collect from there?