Pre-Facelift Model Solution to the Washer jets hitting wiper arms

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    Was trying to sort out my washer problems this after noon and discovered 2 things.

    1: the passenger side nozzle is damaged and needs replacing (it barely squirts anything pass the cowling)
    2: the drivers side jet cannot be adjusted so that it clears the wiper arm, which means you can only use the washers when the wipers are fully extended. This means that the wipers clear the fluid on the downward stroke which is kinda useless.
    3: The wiper motor for the rear washer can be heard running, but no fluid comes out... Suspected blockage will need a guide of some sort to dismantle, remove jet and clean and then maybe work back along the pipes... or replace jet entirely if it's damaged.

    So as I was looking on ebay for washer jets, I came across this kit which shifts the position of the jet to the wiper arm itself.

    Windscreen Washer Jets Conversion Kit HONDA (from bonnet/scuttle to Wiper Arms) | eBay

    and these which have the jets built into the actual wiper blades|Cars+Year:2005&hash=item28009bfba9

    I'm tempted to give it a try as I find that in their stock position they are next to useless... and why the wipers don't automatically wipe when you spray the screen (which is what happens on every other car I've owned in the last 15yrs) is a little bizarre.

    I'm leaning towards the first lot that move it to the wiper arm, as when you replace the blades, you don't have to buy those specific type... and I've just purchased new wiper blades for the entire car. :Smile:

    Has anyone else tried this mod and how did you get on, also is there a guide to removing the trim around the tailgate to gain access to the pipes and washer jet in the spoiler... or does the spoiler need to be removed?
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    The nozzle on the passenger side is normally the T Piece blocked. There is a small bearing inside of the T Piece which moves with the water flow and if this fails to move, the water jet won't spray. This happened on @DeviateDefiant ATR. Test the water system by disconnecting the pipe in different places and see where the water goes before its blocked. If the nozzle is clear, I would look elsewhere for the issue, firstly the T piece.

    The side jets can be adjusted up and down, they can get a little stuck over the years, but a simple needle inside of the jet nozzle and a bit of force is enough to move it around.
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    The actual end of the jet is damaged, I followed the guide on how to adjust them and it looks like some one has jammed something in there and mashed all the plastic up... It does need either replacing or testing out this kit to move them to the wiper arms... and I must admit, I kinda like the idea of that.

    It's a design flaw, but because the wiper arms don't move as you spray water... no matter how much you adjust the jets, they either spray into the wiper arms, or too high on the screen and over the roof.
  4. Heckler Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    The kit arrived, so here's a few shots.

    It includes all the tubing required, grommets for the washer jet holes to extend the tubing, even replacement T pieces for the existing ones.

    The pics aren't great, my camera takes wonderful shots in full lighting but struggles in macro mode... these were actually the best ones out of the half a dozen I took.

    If you can see, there are 4 jets on each washer, which then clamps to the wiper arm, the tubing can be hidden inside the arm and there are plenty of cable ties to help. The jest are in each corner, so the windscreen should get water sprayed directly onto the screen on both sides of the wipers as they're in use.

    Shall try and fit them this weekend along with some LED's I've purchased... But it's a struggle at the moment because what I thought was a simple trapped nerve last weekend turned out to be potentially serious... Luckily the CT scan showed nothing but that doesn't mean it isn't serious, it just means that after 4 days before finally going to the hospital (after being shouted at for not taking it seriously by friends, family, doctors)... that if there was a bleed on my spine in my neck... there's no trace of it left... So I have to take it easy, and if the symptoms return... I'm to call 999 immediately.

    So at the moment, certain movements and actions trigger a thumping headache for about 30 seconds... leaning forward, standing up too quickly, coughing, burping, farting and pooping... all cause it. If it doesn't subside, then I'll need an MRI.

    So things with the car will be very slow going.

    2015-08-06 18.34.33. 2015-08-06 18.33.00. 2015-08-06 18.33.17.
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    Sorry to hear about your medical problems mate, take it easy, your health has to take priority, the car can wait.
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Hope you get that checked out and sorted soon.
  7. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Take it easy man, that sounds nasty !
  8. Zebster Guest

    Yes, sorry to hear about your current problem!

    For info, my wipers DO automatically operate whenever I use the washers, both front and rear.
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    OK, that's interesting.... I've double checked and the rear does come on when you hit the rear washer... But the fronts don't... So maybe something is wrong with the switch/relay
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    The rear one should also operate automatically when you put the car into reverse with the windscreen wipers on.

    My front ones (as I don't have rear ones), also operate automatically whenever I use the washers.
  11. Heckler Top Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    I've been out to check and I obviously wasn't paying attention.

    They do come on when you spray the jets and make 2 or 3 passes... however, if you then spray the jets again after that... they don't and you have to manually turn them on... which I found strange. There must be some kind of timer or something and it won't activate the wipers again.

    Can anyone else test this to see if it's normal or if mine are acting up.