Suspension, Steering and Brakes Some advice regarding topping up power steering fluid

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    Hi All

    I am away from home and my mechanic and I have today noticed a whine coming from my 2003 CR-V. I checked the level of the fluid and it is below the minimum mark on the reservoir by about an inch and half. Further investigation shows a wet looking patch on a hose so it is a leak I guess.

    My question is can I just top up the fluid to the required level to get me home? Also do I need to bleed anything?

    Yep I'm a total dunce
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    As long as the PS bottle has not run dry there is no need to bleed the system all air will rise if you did lock to lock turns with the engine running it will vent it.

    Find the leak thou before it becomes an issue.
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    Many thanks for the reply and the advice.