something died

Discussion in 'Steam Room' started by azzab18turbo, Monday 1st Feb, 2016.

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    yeah impressive is a word for it ...painful is another lol, yeah I'm no expert at this but providing all the bolts are back in the right places and axles all done up tight etc itll be sound I'm usually id never of took it on but theres no way I'm paying the labour costs involved in this and most my local garages wouldn't of had a clue where to start themselves they would've probably told me it was the clutch and just rinsed me more when it wasn't that!

    yeah I'm seeing a lot of boxes but silly money and no warrantys its no good to me like that as now I'm replacing other parts aswell I need a hefty warranty as I can't see it being back on the road this year with everything that's piling up on the list of things to buy!
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    No worries. Keep me in mind if you do rebuild it and need the ratios i have. I always hear good things about Paul Townsend and hondanutz ( check the spellings ) Both are breakers on the facebook pages