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    I bought a Sonos set up today, so I can listen to music throughout the house.

    TBH I was a bit sceptical - I'm hardly a techie :Laughing: - but wow. Just WOW.

    I've got a "Connect" which means I can get music in my living room through my existing Marantz separates. Fab :OTT:

    I then have "Play 1" speakers in my kitchen, office & dining room - all synchronised so I can have the same music throughout the house, or different in different rooms!

    Sound quality is excellent, build is excellent, set up was SO simple, there are no wires except for power to each unit (it is all controlled through my broadband via my iPhone, iPad or iMAC). I can now stream music from my Spotify account (or iTunes or wherever online you want) and also you get unlimited internet radio through the Sonos app... two internet radios have just become redundant at a stroke - although one will be re-deployed to the garage on a permanent basis.

    If anybody has been thinking about getting Sonos - do it! I'm amazed by the technology available these days :Grin:

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