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    Just a quick hello from a soon to be FR-V EX 2.2 owner. I'll be trading in my 8th Generation Civic sport, also the diesel I love the I-CTDI engine and I have a growing family so the FR-V or CR-V seemed like the most obvious choices. I opted for the FR-V in the end as I could pick up a low mileage EX for the same price as an older lower spec CR-V. The FR-V also three full sized seats in the rear.

    I've been a member of Civinfo for several years but AOC seems to have a more active FR-V community so expect to see me in the FR-V/CR-V forum asking silly questions sometime soon.

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    Welcome I am a big fan of the FR-V wish I had bought one instead of my tourer.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
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    Welcome to AOC Merk1981, good to have you on board.

    No question is silly .. just fire away :Smile:
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    Hey bud welcome to AOC feel free to post away that why were here ... To help where we can :Smile: