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    Hi and greetings from a rainy north of England. I'm currently looking for a replacement vehicle and have been drawn to the Accord and CR-V. My main search criteria are size, petrol and automatic. I came across your excellent site while researching the different models available. I've now joined to ask a specific question or two and, as I'm advised is customary, I'm introducing myself first. I look forward to playing a fuller part in the community when I complete a purchase. Many thanks in advance.
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    Welcome, ask away , there are many talented contributors on this site from around the globe.
    Just post your questions and I'm sure you'll soon get many sound replies .
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    Hello @billman and welcome to HK.
    Feel free to post your questions as we have very knowledgeable members who I am sure will be able to assist you.
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    Hi @billman - welcome to HK, IMHO it's the ONLY CLUB for all things Honda. :gohonda: As previously said there are many experienced Honda owners and enthusiasts on the site who are always more than willing to answer any questions you may have!
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    Hi, welcome to the forum :Smile:
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @billman :welcome:

    Have a good look through the forum - most common issues are on a thread already, and there are a few 'should I buy and why' type threads too!

    :goodluck: - and if you can't find an answer, there are plenty of people here who can help.
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    Thank you, I'm looking at my first CR-V tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!
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    What sort of age / year registered?

    If it is a 4th Generation (the current shape) made from 2012, check the fit of the front doors by seeing whether the chrome strip at the top aligns with the back door strip. It doesn't affect how they work, and it is a simple adjustment at the dealer, but something to look out for...

    I'm not sure there is much else TBH. This thread may help?
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    Sadly my budget didn't stretch that far. However I have now made my purchase, an early 2nd Generation. I will update the relevant sub-forum with details. Thank you for the welcome everyone.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @billman :Hey: and congrats on the purchase.
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