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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by John Dickson, Tuesday 3rd May, 2016.

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    I am sorry to have to say that after almost 10 years to the day, I am leaving Honda shortly :Sobbing:and it is a decision I do feel bad about as they have always been good to me.

    I saw Infiniti Q50 in Eldon Square Shopping Centre in Newcastle at the weekend and was impressed at the build quality and fit and finish.

    I popped in to the showroom today just to get a brochure with no intention of changing cars yet and they had a Q50 on offer that was too good to miss.
    Also being part of Vertu, they rang Newcastle Honda and their sales manager told them to look after me and bettered their trade in valuation by £1,000 as he knows the car and it will only need a wash before it can go straight on the forecourt so it was a no-brainer really. (Anyone looking for 2014 I-DTEC EX Accord 31,000 miles, full Honda history plus the remainder of the 5 year service plan and warranty, keep your eyes on Newcastle Honda's website.)

    I have really enjoyed being a part of this forum and have enjoyed meeting you all and all the discussions we've had.

    Honda is a brand I will always have a soft spot for and I will miss my Accord and being able to take a small part in this club. I wish there was a new Accord on offer or something similar to allow me to continue to participate but sadly there isn't.

    All the best and take care.

    John :Thumbup:
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  3. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

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    Sorry to see you go John, look forward to seeing the new car when passing
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  4. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Thanks Paul I'm sorry to be leaving.
  5. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Sorry to hear you're leaving John. I hope that one day Honda UK will see the light and we will once again see our beloved models back in the line up.

    Do drop by though occasionally to keep us updated on how you are getting on with the Infiniti. Is it a petrol or diesel ?
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  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    You will be very missed John, but I do understand.

    You're always welcome back at HK.

    Honda have lost one of their best customers...
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    Will be good to hear your thoughts on the Q50 after you've had it a while. All the best
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    Sad to hear you go but as they say all good things must come to an end. Honda left you no choice.

    Hope you enjoy your new ride and do come back someday to post your feedback.
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  9. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

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    Sad news, but if you want a saloon then Honda left you with no choice.

    Good luck with the Infiniti. They are nice looking cars.

    Have you gone for the 2.2 litre Mercedes diesel or the Hybrid?
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    All the best John with new car but do stick around forum.
    Looking forward to see pics.
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    Sad to see you go old friend but keep in touch here and let us know how things go.
    Hope some day we cross paths maybe at Croft.
    I can see the reasoning for your change the Q50 looks very nice indeed.
    Good luck and it's been a pleasure having you around.
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    Nice cars, just check the servicing costs.
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    Sad to hear that Jon :Sorry:, your cars only 2 years old so worth keeping a bit longer?

    Can't say I am a big fan of the Infiniti, they are mish mash of Nissan, Renault and Mercedes, lack any sort of identity or character and expensive for what they are. I would recommend you try out Lexus IS before plunging with the Infiniti, they are better in every single way and you will get a proper high end Made in Japan product.
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  14. Nighthawk Guest

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    @John Dickson - sorry to hear you go and I wish you the best of luck with the Infiniti. I know what you mean about Honda and I fear they are going to lose a lot more customers in the future (myself included). Maybe one day they will see the light, but I doubt it unfortunately.

    Thanks for all your contributions and best of luck
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  15. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    John I was fearing this day mate which I knew was around the corner so it does not come as a massive surprise. It's is a sad day for us to lose you and a massive loss to Honda losing a loyal faithful customer. Honda inability in the last nine years to give its customers what they want this has generate deep seated resentment and customers are walking.

    I feel frustrated and angry when I see threads like this and hope Honda see this. John be in touch buddy and don't be a stranger on here and hopefully one day see you back in a Honda.
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    Hello sorry for my delayed reply had a busy couple of days.

    Thanks very much everyone for the kind wishes really appreciated and it is this that is one of the main things that has made it a hard wrenching decision to leave Honda - this fan club has a great bunch of people in it I hope Honda realises that - many a manufacturer would kill to have half this kind of loyalty. I wasn't intending to leave yet but in the absence of anything from Honda and a top class deal from Infiniti (I still can't believe the deal) I couldn't ignore their offer. I will miss my Accord greatly - I think I will cry when I hand the keys over :Sobbing: and I wish I was getting another or better still a Legend.

    I hope so too @SpeedyGee It's the 2.2 diesel I was fancying returning to petrol but it was such a good one off deal on the one car.

    Thanksn @Nels I rang Newcastle Honda to thank the sales manager for his help in getting top trade in for my Accord and he said exactly the same that he wished he had a new Accord as he would have given me a great deal but he understands why. I've been told to drop in and see them sometime and keep in touch.

    Thanks @ArcticFire I will let you know how I get on.

    @legend-ary sad to go as well mate I still have a massive love for Honda so will keep popping by. Honda have left some of us no choice. To be fair they have watched Nissan drop the Primera and it hasn't hurt them but not sure the Honda customer base is the same as Nissan's ... BUT Nissan introduced Infinity to Europe so please Honda seriously consider bringing Acura to Europe at the very least.

    Cheers @FirstHonda I'm looking forward to the Infinity but will massively miss the Accord - wish I could have both. It's the 2.2 Mercedes unit but I've read somewhere that Infinity change lots of parts on it and retune it to what they feel is a better set up. Can't find the article now so hope I haven't just dreamt it! Would love the Hybrid 3.5 V6 as I think it is based on 350Z engine and there is a twin turbo 3.5 V6 due out later this year apparently.

    Thanks @AccordCU2 I'll keep popping in and I will post pics if people are interested. I certainly don't want to p!$$ people off as this is a Honda forum so understand if people don't want to see them. I've still got my Izy so I'm still a Honda owner of sorts.

    Cheers @MickyB I may well head to Croft for the BTCC this year. It's been pleasure being part of AOC and HondaKarma these last 4 years a grat bunch of people and it was a great time at the meets we had.

    Hi @exec I know you are right about the age of my car and I wasn't wanting to change just yet I called in for a brochure just for future reference but they did me such a good deal it would have been madness to turn it down. You're right abut Lexus IS my parents have just bought their 4th IS the fit and finish is great the paint finish is lovely and I was going to head there myself but the deal Infiniti gave me was too good to miss. I certainly wouldn't pay MRRP for Infiniti as they are still establishing themselves so I'm not certain about future values. Far safer paying MRRP for a Lexus same with Honda.

    Cheers @Nighthawk I hope Honda does see the light. I had a good conversation with Honda sales manager today and he wishes he had something to offer me but said he can fully understand as they offer nothing now for the saloon customer. A few of us voting with our feet may wake them up before it's too late.

    @Ichiban I'm sorry mate as I said I didn't want to leave yet but the maths dictated otherwise. I looked through the motoring magazines in the shop today hoping that my usual luck had a positive effect for a change and there was a massive front page headline about new 9th Generation Euro Accord but no luck yet.

    Hopefully Honda wakes up and there is something to look forward to around the corner

    I've still got my Izy so not totally deserting Honda but perhaps I could run the "Traitor's Corner" if you fancy having a new section of the fourm:lol:
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    Well stick around here dude, and post some pictures up of your new motor when you get it.
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    All ready the German brigade is commenting.... Why have you bought that? Surely a BMW is a much better choice? Aye right oh...
    - - - Updated - - -
    The Infiniti salesman said he'd worked in a BMW dealership but never again cos they're shite and the Japanese just do things so much better.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Whilst I'm on the subject, why do BMW grilles always look like an :thumbdown:? Anyone else noticed that or is it just me?
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    Sad to see you go @John Dickson though of course your always welcome here. I would certainly miss your enthusiastic approach to Honda as a brand as with all things.
    Best of luck with your Infinity. I've had a look at a Q50 from a few years ago, and to be fair it looked and felt really nice inside.
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  20. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    John you have to nip by when you get the posh Nissan then I will rip you it even thou it has a German engine .. could the frogs not make one !!! better not as I still like you :Wink::salute: