Tyres & Wheels Sorry to ask a stupid question,but is wheel allignment/tracking the same?

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    My local Honda garage advises me that my wife's 2004 Jazz needs need tyes (x3) and the tracking needs doing due to uneven wear (I cannot see any uneven wear) she had a puncture 2 years ago and one Tyre is good. £165 for 3 mid range tryes (he would not say what brand (!) and I think he said £47 to do the tracking.

    Local indy Tyre shop can do 4 Barums (w have Barums fitted currently & these seem fine for £160 + alignment for £25.

    I am tempted to go with the indy!

    But I don't know the difference between alignment & tracking, if any?

    Please could you clarify?
    Many thanks
  2. Zebster Guest

    My interpretation is that 'alignment' implies that ALL wheel parameters (toe, caster, camber) have been checked/adjusted, whereas 'tracking' means that the toe setting only has been checked/adjusted.
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    There is alignment then there is four wheel alignment , it's the later you want to use for an accurate set up.