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    What kind of evil mean minded software/engineering person thinks normal car (humans!) drivers have the time or inclination to remember voice commands in cars - although I have to admit after 2 moths of owning my 1st car with voice, it does seem to be getting better at leaning the way I speak - it still makes mistakes though, I think it it also not safe for new users of cars fitted with voice control whist learning the commands!

    This is not a problem for just Honda cars, I know other car brands are fitted with voice control + smartphones as well, grr!!

    In the case of the '07 Accord EX Tourer fitted with this evil gizmo, the position of the switches is odd, I don't know about anyone else, but the A/C and Audio buttons should be on the right as I use these more often than the AM/FM & TA/RDS buttons, I suspect a lot of people have similar feelings?

    Sorry, rant over!

    To make up for my rant, attached is a pdf with shortened voice commands for the Honda HNS, which I cut up after I laminated it and fixed it to the DVD drop down door, might be useful to new users. I have not added GPS & Phone commends as they will make it to big to fit!

    Best regards & thanks for a great forum!

    View attachment Honda HNS Voice Commands PDF.pdf
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    LOL even though my car has voice commands i just don`t bother with it,tried it few times but that`s about it.
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    With the voice commands I find the "Rear defrost on" function useful but why is there no front demist command? or is there one? I have to fumble round to find the stupid button and its the one button that's used the most! Aghhhhh!

    Rant +1

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    I just had a look at that pdf. :Tea: Can someone confirm that to get the front demist on you say "Climate Control Floor and Defrost on" ? If that's true i feel like a pleb:Blushing:
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    Nope Jace there is no command for lazytiasis.. TBH I use temperature up and temperature down some times but the entire operation from start to end take 8 -10 seconds .

    It takes 3 seconds to use your fingers..
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