Aftermarket Kit Space Saver or Alloy Wheel?

Discussion in '8th Generation (2008-2015) [Acura TSX]' started by T10KJC, Saturday 5th Apr, 2014.

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    I have been looking at purchasing either an alloy wheel from a car breaker ( I am finding it hard to get ) or buying new space kit from Holdcroft,s
    what do other member,s think is the best solution is ? I have been looking on fleabay for a good seacond hand alloy anybody know of any ?
    Hope i can get some good info .
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    I have an alloy which is a obviously better than a space saver but you'll looses a little boot space. I'd try your own wheel in the boot and see if your happy with the fit.
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    I like the idea of buying alloy wheel there is not much differance in price ,but getting hold of a good one is difficult.Just after a bit of help .
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    Call up local breakers. You'd be surprised how may 8th gens they have.
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    Thank,s for the link jason i have a friend who is a lorry driver and was delivering in birm ,i rang that scrap yard the guy did not have a clue about breaking that car ,it seems some breaker,s advertise cars they don't have or they interested in selling whole car .
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    Hi Jason thank,s for all your help i have rang a lot of the above ,Im lucky i work in distrubution i have given a couple of my drivers a picture of a wheel ,i have sent them to 2 x breakers in Dewsbury, 3x breakers in Birmingham,all say they have but when driver got there either did not have a clue ,damaged beyond repair or tryed to sell you something totaly different Will be doing more phone calls tomorrow .
  10. Jackabbi New Member Getting Started

    I wanted the same and had the same problem in locating a rim. I eventually contacted a company via E-bay called wheelsrus and they were incredibly helpful. They gave me advice on what else would fit etc. I ended up buying a brand new alloy wheel with a part worn tyre for £90. It is also a smaller rim 205/16/60 so it fits in the spare wheel space and doesn't lift the boot floor. I've had the rim on the car (just to check it fitted - as I was dubious!!) but it was OK and didn't affect the handling on the car at all, luckily I haven't had to use it proper yet but its ideal as a spare and gives me more confidence than just having a can of goo!
    Hope that helps
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    Just like to thank everyone for there feedback , it,s been really helpfull .I think personally getting an alloy rather than a space saver is best but this is my opinion .I don't like the idea of the can of gunk.
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    Any idea what offset the wheel was?
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    Sorry I don't - I went with the advice that Wheelsrus gave me (as am not too clued up on the whole offset thing!) and it fits ok. If I remember correctly they said the alloy was made by ICE racing.

    Hope that helps